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Where Face Parts Go

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A person who has no imagination and who is too realistic would say, "Face parts are just deleted from the memory and are no longer stored in the computer."

But, I'm not like that. This is my story of life as a face part:

I was just sitting there, in the middle of nowhere, with a bunch of other shirts that looked just like me. I've heard that I came to be when a person decided to produce more of the shirts that she had created. But I'm not too sure.

There I sat, waiting and waiting and watching other shirts being bought and being worn. I longed to be worn around proudly, but I was in a long line behind many other shirts.

Unexpectedly, I was vacuumed out of the nowhere, and stuck inside of a satchel. Next thing I knew, I was being moved by an arrow, and was placed next to a head. It was frightening, for I had never experienced anything like this before!

But soon, I got used to being controlled. My owner took me to all kinds of places, like the Beach, Club Why, and the Square. I was amazed! So many things to see. Other people asked my owner who I was! I was worn proudly and happily.

But my days were numbered. Ninety-one days to be exact.

Time passed so quickly. I soon dwindled down to a mere 3 days, and the 3 was in red!

I knew that my time was coming soon. All over in three more days of being worn by my owner. I had not enough of the world my owner had brought me to!

I savored each sighting of the Beach, each plead and boast about who and what I was. But the usual compliments did not affect my awareness of my ending.

My owner did not cry, nor did she miss me. Instead, she bought an identical of me and waited for me to "disappear."

Finally, I felt it. I felt the last 4 hours that I had, and I felt the computer counting down my every second.

I waited in apprehension. I waited, sad that my owner replaced me so quickly, before I even fell to my death.

Finally, an opening opened to me, telling me that I was to follow. I did not budge -- the opening vacuumed me in, and I was nowhere again. But this time, I was also a no one.

~This very innovative story was by aznCAgirl


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