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BBS Do's and Don'ts

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Hey guys, this is hottiemb with an article for you about the BBS's at the bottom of each Whyville Times article.

Recently, I got an article published in the Times. I was pretty happy to see my article was published and I went to the BBS to see what people thought of my article. I noticed a lot of postings, but most of which had nothing to do with my article! These are just some of the postings I discovered:

"how do u make clams. im new and I dont know how" -- OK, maybe a newbie wrote this one, but what do clams have to do with being a y-mail helper?

"well I just wanted to say hi" -- This was a very useless posting.

"Hi do you want to start a new life in a new town well you don't have to start all over again just ymail me and I'll get the permission from their. But remember if you 're going to start a new life a this place I'll need 2 clams. So think about it why villians." -- Yet another posting that had nothing to do with my article!

Although there were also many good postings, the majority was junk. As I continued to read the Times, I noticed that almost all the BBS's had junk postings, too. This disgusted me! Here are some do's and don'ts when posting something in an article BBS:

  • Do ask questions about the article. This shows that you were interested. Just make sure they are about the article and not something that has nothing to do with it.
  • Don't try to get an online girlfriend/boyfriend using the BBS. This could make the person who wrote the article annoyed.
  • Don't write something that has nothing to do with the article, like the examples above. Again, the person who wrote the article could get upset or mad about it.
  • Do give your opinion. Even if you didn't like the article, don't be afraid to give reasons why you think the article could have been better. Maybe then the next time that person writes an article, they will keep your tips in mind!
  • Do give compliments. Writers love to hear that people enjoyed their article!
I hope you guys got all of that, and I hope that in the future there will be better postings in the BBS's and fewer junk postings. =)

This is hottiemb signing off.


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