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Congratulations to OrEoBaBy, our second Whyville Senator ever! Her official inauguration as senator happened on Thursday, March 11, in the Greek Theatre, with City Hall presiding. Read gold837's article describing the inauguration and OrEoBaBy, the author's friend.

Next, get yourselves ready! The next Whyville Senate Race begins next Sunday! To prepare yourself for your run for the third-ever Senator spot, read City Hall's announcement of the very first Senate Race; BabyPowdr's article on what writing a political platform means; Minty0323's excellent description of "Platforms and Purposes"; and Sk8inhoti's piece defining what he thinks platforms should be.

You can also check out all articles with 'Senate' in their title and all articles with 'platform' in their title. Voters, please read Hermionez's recent article about how citizens should handle the election process; there are many other worthwhile articles about this topic.

Naturally, this coming election doesn't mean that OrEoBaBy is out of a job already. We're going to have a real Senate, with many senators joining her. Right now, the plan is for senator terms to last six months, so candidates, please be prepared to commit that kind of time to us. Thanks!

Again, the Senate Race begins Sunday, March 21st at 8:00 a.m. Whyville Time. Any platforms posted before then will not count. There are currently no restrictions on who can run, including previous senators and candidates.

In other news... the latest salary-raising game just quietly opened over at WASA, where JPL engineers and Whyvillian citizen-scientists are working around the clock to discover the secrets of the Ion Engine! Take the tutorial to raise your salary one clam. Level One is worth 5 clams a week, and Level Three's worth three.

In Level Two you'll find our most exciting multi-player game yet! Get charged up and try to score on an opposing team of opposite charges -- I don't mean to be negative, but are you positive you know how this works? ;-)

The top players of Level Two will receive awards, a lot like for SmartCars.

Thanks to NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory for sponsoring the Ion Engine game!!!

Happy St. Patrick's Day, everybody!
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