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Land Office Long Gone

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Hey Whyvillians! Athena92 here, but this time, it's more of a complaint than an article. As you have probably already found out by the title of this article, I think you would know that it is about the Land Office. IT'S BEING COMPLETELY IGNORED!!!

I understand that the city workers are very busy with other things (The Mall, Why House), but the Land office has not disappeared, people! Almost every single Saturday, I go to the the Land Office and wait there thinking, "Oooh, I'm finally gonna buy a plot today!" But what do you know, 2:00 comes, then 2:15, then 2:30! My apologies if I just continuously miss it, but all I ever see is Bob saying "I'm sorry, we're fresh out of plots!"

I am NOT trying to offend anyone, but I am rather annoyed. So, all I am saying is, please please please try to work on the Land Office! I would appreciate it if maybe you could come up with a few new plots this millennium!? (That was kind of harsh, sorry!) Thank you, and I am so sorry if I hurt anybody's feelings.

Athena92, signing off.

Editor's Note: I don't know what City Hall's official explanation of this is these days, but last I heard, plots take up a lot of computer space and programming time. That means it costs a lot of moola to make new ones. Basically, the trade-off is plots for games, and it's a pretty lousy trade-off -- it's not like we'd have to skip just one game to get the plot situation expanded, it's more like we'd lose out on a bunch of them... all just to make plots that will get snatched up right away. Maybe what some citizens are suggesting, that we remove plots and create 'apartments' or something like that, would be best. What do you think? Post your opinions in the BBS below!


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