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Working on the Chain Gang

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Everyone's had them before, from in your Hotmail and Yahoo! e-mail accounts to hand-written ones on paper to ones even on Whyville. What am I talking about, you ask? Chain letters. There's so many different kinds of them; friendship letters, love letters, good and bad luck letters, the list goes on and on. I'm sure most of you recognize these:

    "Send this to 10 people and your crush will ask you out!"
    "Delete this and you'll have bad luck for 13 years!"
    "If you send this immediately, you'll make a lot of friends
    in the next while!"
They're all in good fun of course, but I sometimes don't like them, especially when they're sent to you all the time. Some of them are rather cute, I must admit; like the ones with little rhyming poems and pictures made out of symbols on your keyboard (called ASCII pictures). Others can be downright funny, with a joke to them, and some pathetic, telling you that you'll win an extreme amount of clams or get an unsellable face part sent to you. We all know those messages aren't true, but are only given out so that they're sent on to others by the gullible.

Other times, you may get a chain letter with "testimonials" of obviously made-up people that claim that things have happened to them once they have sent those letters. "As soon as I sent this letter, the boy I had a crush on asked me out! I was soooo happy!" Now, what is wrong with that? Even if she had sent that letter to a million people, it really wouldn't affect someone asking her out.

Like I said at first, they're all in good fun, but on some sites that compete with Whyville, they have banned chain letter because of the extreme amount of spam-posts and mails. I'm pretty sure it's not as bad here in Whyville, and believe me, I like the funny and cute ones, but make sure you know what you're getting into before you forward. : )

Happy sendings,

Editor's Note: Should Whyville totally ban chain mail??? I know I can't stand 'em, but maybe kids are more comfortable with the stuff.?? Right now, City Workers punish people who send out chain mail, for two very good reasons:
  1. Too many people use chain letters to try to force others to do what they want. The use of scare tactics (do this or something terrible will happen to you!) goes totally against the Whyville Way.
  2. The more Y-mail you send, the more our computers have to work. Chain letters don't have real value, so they're wasting your precious Whyville! Basically, the more chain letters get sent out, the less space we have for face parts and citizens!
What do you think??? Post in the BBS below!


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