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Smart Cars Tourney?

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Hi, it's skaterjab here and I am sad to say that the Smart Cars Arena is always, well empty. =/

I like to go to the Smart Cars Arena to build my knowledge of strategies to use. I also have noticed no one there to make me happy. However, I have an idea to bring more people to the arena, at least once a week.

My idea is "Smart Cars Tournament Saturday!" This is an idea for a tournament held at the Smart Cars Arena with two or maybe one of the top ten racers to battle off. I also think that it would attract Whyvillians to the Smart Cars Arena to see the best players go at it, head to head.

I've always wanted that place to not be so zero-populated once in a while. I also think maybe if a City Worker could make it to the event, it would be more popular. =D

I'm just trying to express my thoughts and try to make the arena feel like it is special.

Skaterjab, signing off and hoping for my dream to come true!


Editor's Note: What do you think??? Post your thoughts on how to get more folks involved in the Smart Cars races in the BBS below!


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