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Have you read my first article, Book Reviews? If you haven't, I suggest you check it out.

And now it's time for more books from my favorite series -- "Leyla: The Black Tulip," "Saba: Under the Hyena's Foot," and "Kathleen: The Celtic Knot"!!! Let's start with Leyla.

Leyla: The Black Tulip Have you ever read the book "Cecile: Gates of Gold" (reviewed in my first article) or seen the movie "Spirited Away"? (I reviewed that classic anime film in my third article.) Well, this book is a mixture of both of them!!  Leyla, a young woman, is growing up in the country Georgia, where her artistic father is at war painting battle scenes, although it's against her religion, Islam. "God gave me His power of creating, and I shall use it," he tells her. While her mother is striving to feed a family of 5, Leyla and her brother go in the forest to look for food. They find beautiful tulips, and Leyla finds one planted in an onion. Her brother dares her to eat the petal, which she does, and spits it out! "This is terrible." she cries. They dig up a few, and plant it in their garden. Then, a town carnival arrives! Leyla enters the gardening contest and wins a big cheese, to help her mother feed the family. Nearby she sees two elegantly dressed men, with turbans and all talking to the town mayor. She wonders what they are doing, but she can tell they're talking about her, because they're looking and pointing at her. When she comes home, those men come, offering gold and silver for Leyla to be a wife to a wealthy man. Her mother rejects them. Leyla can hear their argument from her room, and that night she writes a letter to her mom, and does something she thought she might never do. Figure out what happens by reading it! I give it ****1/2 stars.

Kathleen: The Celtic Knot Kathleen is a poor girl with big dreams. She's always late for school, and is scolded by the nuns. One day, the head nun talks to Kathleen's mother, about what she has been doing. She suggests dancing lessons, or a musical instrument. "What kind of dance?" her mother asks. "Irish traditional, of course! Very in and patriotic!!" the elderly nun replies. Well, Kathleen asks two snotty rich girls how much the dancing lessons costs, because they take them. "Oh, it's free for us!!" one says "Yep! Absolutely free!" the other replies. Well, Kathleen tries it. "Where's my money?" the teacher asks after teaching her. "They said it was free!!" Kathleen cried. The two girls snickered, "It's free for us because our daddy's company pays for everything!!" After Kathleen tells her mom to get her the few pence she has, the teacher tells her something that might change her life.... *****

Saba: Under the Hyena's Foot Saba is a peasant girl living with her gramma and brother. She's afraid of all the spirits -- and one day while getting water, she think she hears one! She runs as fast as she can to her hut, where she accidentally breaks the jug, the only one they have! She tells her
gramma, which goes to the market the next day to buy a new jug. While she is gone, she and her brother Mesfin hear a honey bird call. They know that call leads to honey. They follow it, but the sound turns out to be solders, and the men capture them! What are the soldiers here for? What will they do? There's only one way to find out, by reading this book ***3/4 stars (3 and three-fourths)


See you later dawgs, goths, that's what I am!

Bye bye, sadielo.


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