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Whyville Justice?

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Whyville Justice?
Phatangel and Damson support having courts

 Guest Writer

Crimes happen in Whyville all the time. You always hear stuff like, "So and so got robbed and lost all of her money." Or "Did you hear that so and so got taped? And they didn't even do anything!"

There's not a lot that you can do if you are a victim of a crime. You have to get over your loss and move on. If you get for taped accidently saying something bad, there's nothing you can do about that either. Wait for the tape to go away, but that is it.

What if there was a way to fight back? A way to get money back if you were stolen from, or a way to defend yourself from being taped if what you said was an accident. That would be great, right?

That's why I think Whyville should have a courtroom. People could fight to get back what they have lost, and sue if someone is making cruel remarks about them.This would help make Whyville crime free, and would give Whyvillians a chance to defend themselves. Best of all, this would open up new job opportunities for a judge, lawyers, and a jury.

So if you think this is a good idea, go to the petition booth and sign a petition to have a courtroom. It will be under my friend QTgurl101's name because I already have a petition out.

Go and sign this petition to make new job opportunities, to get money back that was stolen from you, to fight back if you were taped for what you think was an unfair reason, and to make someone pay for being cruel to you.

By Phatangel



 Guest Writer

Whyville! SUP?!

Anyway, everyone seems to want a Court House. Ya, sure it seems like a good idea. We could sue people for cheesing us off. But what if it turns into a "sueing" war? Don't get what I mean? Lemme explain:

Well, it's a lot like Warning and Silencing. A lot of people just Warn other people, because they:

  • think it's funny,
  • are very mean,
  • or take everything the wrong way

And because of these people, I don't think we should be able to sue each other in the Court House, because the people that Warn others for no apparent reason will just sue someone, for no apparent reason.

So, if we are going to let each other sue other people, then City hall should approve the case, and the person needs evidence of what the defendant has done.

Thank you,




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