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Beauty Pageants

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Beauty Pageants

by spazchick
Fashion Writer

Have you ever been in a beauty pageant? If not, I bet you're wondering: What is so great about them? What are they about? How do they work? If you have been in one, I bet you think they're great!

Well, if you answered no to that first question, I'll tell you about them in my own special way....

I just finished my first beauty pageant on Whyville and I'm so excited! How it first started was, I went to the Square, not doing anything in particular. I was just there to talk to people. Then tight said, "Everyone who wants to be in a beauty pageant go to the Sportsplatz now!"

I was curious and had never been in one, so I went ahead and made my way to the Sportsplatz. It took a while, but finally all ten of us lined up anxiously waiting for the results to come out. Well, the results weren't ready quite yet, so everyone went to go change.

When all the contestants came back, tight and Ash1987 were ready to pick the 6 people to go on to the next round. I was sooo excited when I got picked! It was great because everyone cheered each other on when they got picked, and you got to meet new people.

The next step, after everyone got settled, was to answer a question. All the questions were different, and good ones if you ask me.

I was first, and I answered my question on newbies -- how I've helped them, and what I think of them. I think my answer was ok!

I waited patiently while the 5 other "chosen ones" answered their questions. It was fun because there was humor put into it, and like I said before, we all cheered for each other.

After everyone had answered their questions, tight FINALLY called out the winners. They were as follows...

  1. Theo (My psychic powers told me that would happen, lol.)
  2. Starbeam (Who could resist those devil horns?)
  3. Me!! spazchick! (I almost fainted, I was so excited)

While I'm at it, I'd like to let you know that beauty pageants are not about beauty and how many clams you have. They're about your personality, along with your sense of style.

Some other questions that were asked were about grandma, views on newbies, new ideas, etc. So, to win a beauty pageant, you have to be thoughtful, intelligent, and just know how to put together an outfit!

I talked to Theo about these contests, and here's our conversation:

Q: Hey Theo! Can I ask you some questions about beauty pageants? I just have to know more about your victory! lol
A: Sure!
Q: Ok, first of all, how many beauty pageants have you been in? and why?
A: Hmm, I think 3. My first one was ok, but there were too many people in it, and they were all too *loud*. My second one was fine, but the people weren't very nice. You know about my third one.
Q: Thanks for letting me in on that! About when did you start, and why?
A: Well, I started about month ago, and there really isn't a reason why I started, it just looked like fun, so I tried it!
Q: Cool! What do you think about them?
A: I think they're a lot of fun, and they help you to get to know people better by their answers.
Q: And what's one word to describe them?
A: That word would definitely be awesome!
Q: Who inspired you to start hosting pageants? Was it tight?
A: Nobody really inspired me. I just wanted to do it, because I thought it would be cool. When I first went to Whyville, I wanted to start a dating game, but I thought it would be stupid.
Q: Doesn't sound stupid to me! How many have you won as of now?
A: Well, only one, actually.
Q: Really? About how many have you hosted?
A: Hmmm, I'd have to say 5!
Q: Okay, thanks a million, Theo!

See? They're not all that bad! Yes, I admit that all pageants aren't all that and a bag of chips, but lots of times they can be fun and you'll learn a lot!

By now, you're probably thinking, yeah, so what, you just got 3rd place in a pageant that doesn't even mean anything. But I assure you, once you've been in one, you'll know exactly what I'm talking about.

To conclude, I'll tell you that tight is holding a beauty pageant every Saturday at 6:00 Whyville Time, at the Sportsplatz. Be there or be square!

Don't be afraid to show off your stuff next Saturday! Just act yourself and you'll be fine.

Thanks for listening!



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