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The Hunt is On!

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The Hunt is On!
Magic candies are on the loose.

   by Bigfoot
 Times Reporter

As all you devoted Times readers know, last week, the Times Editor caught wind of something wicked brewing in City Hall for the upcoming Halloween. I was therefore duly dispatched to sniff around and basically hound City Hall around the clock until I could find out some solid info surrounding all the mystery.

Well, trusty Bigfoot has come through for you! (Don't I always?)

This is what City Hall revealed to me:

The Hauntington House that so many Whyvillians have been asking about is being refurbished for Halloween! And not just for Halloween, but for Whyville's first Halloween Party!

It is official: there is going to be a Halloween Party. It will start 5 pm Whyville time on October 28, and go till 5 am the next morning. From dusk till dawn, you might say. Now, of course, none of you will be able to stay the entire time, but these hours will accomodate those Whyvillians who are coming from Europe and Asia.

But there's a catch...

In order to enter the Hauntington House, you will need a piece of magic candy. Those of you with left over candy from last year, let me tell you now that it has gone completely stale, and will give you nothing but a stomachache if you ate it, so City Hall has removed them from your satchel for your own safety.

Everybody will need to find a new piece of candy, and where will they be? They will be all over the world! They have been hidden in locations in Whyville, in rooms in all Myville neighborhoods, as well as in places and times accessible from the Warp Wagon. Folks, this is a Halloween Candy Hunt.

When you go to the right place at the right time, you will see a piece of candy. Jump on it! Do not hesitate. Quantity is limited, so first come first serve, but each person will only be able to get ONE piece of candy. Once you've found the candy, it will sit inside the Trophies section of your satchel. Comes time for the party, click on the candy to eat it, and you will be transported to Hauntington House!

IMPORTANT: Those of you with multiple identities, hunt for the candy with the one you care most about, because YOU WILL ONLY GET ONE PIECE.

City workers asked me to really emphasize this, because they don't want to see ANY requests for candy transfers between identities. "Read our lips," they said. "It's just not gonna happen."

And of course you'll want to know who all is on the party list. Check this week's "What's New" editorial article. The Editor has a direct line to City Hall for the most up-to-date list.

Without further ado, let me present to you...


These are places in Whyville and Myville where pieces of candy have been hidden. The ones hidden in Myville homes may be hidden in any room inside a house. Some folks have a lot of rooms! When visiting someone's house, remember to be polite to the owners. You might want to leave them a Y-mail.

Hint: Answers to clues referring to Old Town may be found inside the articles written about Renaissance artists and scientists written by Lois Lee. Look for them in the Times Archives.

#CluePieces Left

You have to take the Warp Wagon to find the following candy, which means that you have to choose a destination place AND date with your Warp Wagon controls.

Discover the answers using resources inside Whyville and outside!

#CluePieces Left

Happy Halloween Hunting, Folks!




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