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Myville Mighty Full

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Myville Mighty Full
Local suburb experiences rapid population growth

      There's a grand view to be seen from Whyville West these days. Standing next to the Sun Spot and looking towards the mountains, you'll discover a bustling residential district that wasn't there just a few weeks ago. This burgeoning growth of suburbia is called Myville, and in its brief lifetime it has rapidly filled up with excited homeowners and their creations.

      It's hard to believe that Myville was founded less than two months ago. Since that time the Myville Land Office has done a lively business, handing out most of the available plots to eager homesteaders. Bob, manager of the Land Office, tells us that only 20 of the original 56 spots remain. "We are considering expanding up the river," he says, "but it may take some time before we can free up the construction crews, lay out the streets, and establish the new plots."

      In the meantime, Bob says, the plots that have already been claimed are sure to be worth quite a lot, once Myville's local economy gets up and going. In fact, if you take a walk down the riverbank, you'll see that all the waterfront property has already been snatched up by alert citizens.

      Throughout the district, there are a number of attractively designed houses, and several that have undergone intense renovations in recent weeks. Cyranojoe, whose particularly active remodeling projects have put him at the top of the Times' "Contemporary Constructions" column for the past week, told us, "I like the artistic freedom that Myville gives me. I can build and rebuild every day if I want to." He says he is looking forward to the opportunity to walk the streets of Myville and see his neighborhood up close. Now that the streets have finished being paved, he can!

      Whyville officials suggest that everyone who has a free minute go wander through the streets of Myville-it is quite an experience, seeing all these buildings that until now we could only view from a distance. The park area next to City Hall is nicely decorated-the impressive chess pieces were designed by local artists!

      Due to ongoing renovations, the Hall itself will remain closed to visitors indefinitely, but the rest of Myville provides so much to explore that no one will lack for places to go and people to see.

      Explore the town yourself and let us know your opinion! We may even publish your comments in next week's paper. Email the editors at times@whyville.net with your impressions and thoughts.


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