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What Are You Doing for Halloween?

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What Are You Doing This Halloween?
Sparkles gets into the spirit

   by Sparkles
 Guest Writer

Halloween! The greatest time of year! The only holiday where you can go up to someone's door, yell 3 little words at them and they give you free candy!

But it's also a time for having fun with friends and pretending to be something spooky, silly or just plain cool! I decided to try and get a few Whyvillians into the Halloween spirit. I asked Nickel, Spookshow, TazzyTee, and Neptune3 a few questions about costumes and candy. Here's what they had to say:

Me: Hi Nickel! In real life, what are you being for halloween?
Nickel: Nothin... just me!
Me: Passing out candy?
Nickel: Nope, just going out and looking wierd with my friends! :)
Me: LOL, okay then! What's your favorite Halloween candy?
Nickel: Skittles and Jelly Beans.
Me: Cool! and one more question, what do you think would be the ultimate costume?
Nickel: Ummm, I dunno, I guess similar to a pirate, because pirates RULE!!!

Me: Hi Neptune! Your first question is, what are you being this Halloween?
Neptune3: A '50's girl!
Me: Cool! What color is your poodle skirt?
Neptune3: It's pink with a white poodle.
Me: Neat. What's your favorite Halloween candy?
Neptune3: I dunno... I like them all!! LOL
Me: Me too! And what would be the ultimate costume?
Neptune3: Ummm... I dunno!

Me: What are you being for Halloween?
TazzyTee: Well, on Halloween I'm going to a party and I'm going to be a devil or Britney Spears.
Me: What is your favorite Halloween candy?
TazzyTee: Umm... candy corn! YEAH! LOL
Me: Me too! I love candy corn! It's my favorite! And one last question, what would be the ultimate costume?
TazzyTee: A hippie or something!

Me: What are you being for Halloween?
Spookshow: A psycho skater.
Me: Umm... cool! What is your favorite Halloween candy?
Spookshow: Ummm... PIXIE STIX!!!!
Me: I like them too! And what would be the ultimate costume for you?
Spookshow: An autopsy patient.
Me: Okay then....

Me: What are you going to be for Halloween?
Twinkles: I'm not sure, but I want to be a ghost! BOOO!
Me: LOL, okay, what is your favorite Halloween candy?
Twinkles: The fruit-flavored Tootsie Rolls.
Me: Yummm! And what would the greatest costume be for you be like?
Twinkles: A princess!

I had so much fun with these interviewees I decided to run my own little Halloween contest... please mail Sparkles with a short paragraph on this subject: The Greatest Halloween Costume!!!

The rules are: no vulgar language, no inappropriate features and the basic stuff. The deadline is October 31 and the winner will receive a 30 clam prize! Please mail me for more information!

Signing out,





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