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A Wedding Story

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A Wedding Story

   by Vanilla
 Times Writer

This is a story about a wedding, my wedding. It's kinda cheap to be writing about your own wedding, but mine was kind of interesting. My story is about true love, false love, and warnings.

On September 23, 2000, I was at the SportzPlatz. I saw my boyfriend, Viper00, and asked him about quea. I had seen quea the day before, and she had a baby. I'd asked her what it's name was jokingly, and she said Joey. I then asked her who the "father" was. To my surprise, she said Viper00. She was to marry him that day. I told her that Viper00 said that he loved me and all of that nonsense, and we both got very suspicious. So when I saw Viper00 the next day, I asked him about quea.

"Viper00, what's with you and quea?" I asked him.

"What do you mean?"

"I saw her yesterday, and she said that you were getting married."

"I ditched her for you."

"Oh, well she had a baby with her, and DJChris said that you were going to marry her, too."

"I don't like her. She's ugly. I luv u."

So, after that, I was content. He told me to go to the Playground, so I did. He said he wanted to ask me something. When we got there, he asked me if I wanted to marry him. Call me stupid, but I said yes. Redrobin then followed me and told me not to marry him unless I wanted my heart broken. I just ignored her. After I told him yes, he said "Great, when do you want to get married?" I said, "Why don't we get married today?" He then replied, "Okay, I'll meet you at the pool in five minutes."

I went to the pool after fixing my hair and waited for Viper00. Apparently, he had gotten a lot of people to come to the wedding, including quea. Soon, everyone started telling me I shouldn't marry Viper00. Beamer said "I don't want you to get hurt. Be careful." I really didn't understand what he was saying. Quea didn't seem too upset that I was marrying Viper00. In fact, she volunteered to be the priest.

So, all was set. I had about 7-10 guests, a priest, and a groom. Then quea started telling me that her brother, DJChris wanted to talk to me. He used her name, saying he loved me and that he didn't want me to marry Viper00. I told him I had to marry Viper00, and ignored him.

Then, quea started the ceremony, "Do you Viper00 take Vanilla to be your wife," she asked. Viper quickly replied, "I do." Then, quea asked me the question. I froze, not literally, but I froze. Even though this is only the Internet, I wasn't sure if I wanted to marry Viper00. Everyone was telling me that he was a player and that I was making a big mistake, and it started to scare me. I whispered to DJChris, "Help, do something! Get on your name and stop the wedding!" DJChris, who was talking through quea's name, quickly switched to his own.

Meanwhile, everyone was waiting for an answer from me. So far, I'd only managed to type "I..." Then, I asked quea to repeat the question again. She did, he said I do. Then DJChris signed on.

"Vanilla is too good for you, Viper," he said. The guests were stunned. Soon, everyone started naming girls that Viper00 had already married, or was going out with. I backed away from Viper00's side and said "HOW COULD YOU?" With that, he left.

"Will you marry me?" I asked DJChris.

"No, I think it's proper for the gentleman to ask. Will you marry me?" he said. And of course, I said yes!! He saved me from marrying a player. Why would I say no? Besides, I had already met him, and I knew he was a sweet guy.

So, the wedding continued, except that DJChris was at my side. We exchanged vows (and a kiss) and we were married. And here is the picture from our wedding!

Not only is this article special because it is my wedding article, it is special because it is my first article since my return to Whyville! My computer blew a fuse during a lightning storm, so I couldn't go on Whyville for about 3 months. All I have to say is that it's good to be back! I'd also like to say that a lot of changes have happened since I've left. I think Whyville is doing great as far as new places and stuff. The auditorium, disco, dance studio, dressing room, and the map are all a big help!

I warn you all, if Viper00 asks you to go out with him, say no. He's a player. I almost married him because I felt sorry for him and that maybe I could change his ways, but it's too late for that. I write this article not to seek revenge on Viper00; I write it so that no one will get hurt, and no one will make that mistake! Have fun on Whyville everyone!!

Your Devoted Columnist,





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