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Costumes: The New Craze

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Costumes: The New Craze

by Tarheel
Fashion Writer

Today I asked Bigfoot, a Times Writer, and HotStuff5, a Whyvillian, to be interviewed for the paper.

Me: What do you think of the craze for costumes?
Bigfoot: I think it is a fantastic idea. I love the creativity and quality.
Me: Which costume to you think is the most creative and is made of good quality?
Bigfoot: Let's see, well everyone has done cool stuff, but Riven's outfits are unbelievably good.
Me: Thanks for your time, Bigfoot.
Bigfoot: OK, anytime.

Ok, now I am going to ask HotStuff5 some questions.

Me: Which costumes do you like the best? And why do you like them?
HotStuff5: Well, umm... I like the costumes Riven, 11, and Etrnl * made. I like them because not only because every one is wearing them, but they've given me ideas for Halloween in real life.
Me: Do you have any costumes from the people you told above?
HotStuff5: No, I don't think I should have any because they are worthless, unless you are going to the Halloween Dance on the 28th of October. But I do have Etrnl *'s wings. I love them! Well, see ya, Tarheel.
Me: Thank you for your time and answers.

Me: What do you think of the new craze over costumes?
Britmaria: I think it's cool!
Me: What costume do you personally like the best?
Britmaria: Ummm, I like the scream mask by my baby, Tarheel.
Me: OK, thank you lots Britmaria!

Me: What do you think of the new craze over costumes?
MacDaddy1: I think it's not that cool. It's just a fad. (a fad is a thing people like for a while. Then it goes away.)
Me: Which do you think is better? Costumes or regular clothes?
MacDaddy1: I think the clothes are much cooler than costumes.

In closing, I will try to keep you updated on the new trend.

Signing off,




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