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A Ghostly Legend

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A Ghostly Legend

by amanda
Whyville Storyteller

Hi, everyone! Today I have a ghost legend that I would like to hear your opinion on. Please Y-mail me with your opinions whether you think it is true or not. Thanks!

A Ghost From The Past

Julia and Anne Marie Sun lived next door to a broken down, shut-up, and downright creepy house. There was a rumor that it was haunted by the couple who used to live there. One day, Julia and Anne Marie decided to see if it was true.

After school, Julia and Anne Marie walked up to the house. Neither one wanted to be the one to open the door, but they knew that one of them had to do it. Anne Marie decided she would. Slowly, she creaked open the front door. As it swung open, both twins gasped. The inside of that frightful house was clean, brightly polished, and sparkling. The twins looked at each other in bewilderment. How could this be possible? No one had lived there for years.

Then they heard a voice say something. Julia and Anne Marie turned around to the stairs and saw a girl about their age standing there. "Please come and play," the girl said. Julia and Anne Marie looked at each other. Was it safe? They couldn't tell, but they decided to risk it. After all, the girl seemed harmless.

They followed the girl up the circular staircse and into what must have been her room. "My name is Jessica", said the girl. "Huh? Oh, my name's Julia and this is Anne Marie," said Julia, gazing around at all the toys.

"Ok," said Jessica. "Let's play."

So the three girls played until Julie and Anne Marie had to go home. "That was fun. Will you come back again tomorrow?" asked Jessica. "Sure," said Anne Marie. So Julia and Anne Marie headed on home.

The next day, Julia and Anne Marie returned to the house. They knocked, but when nobody came they opened the door. What they saw inside shocked them. The inside was all dusty, dirty, grimy, with torn furniture, and sheets covering everything. Anne Marie spotted a piece of folded up paper on the floor and picked it up.

It read, "Jessica Jones -- 1900-1912," and listed information about her.

"Julia, read this," Anne Marie said, trembling and as pale as a ghost. Julia read the paper.

"Oh my lord... do you mean we were playing with a dead person? Oh, no," said Julia.

"Hello," said a voice. Anne Marie and Julia looked up. It was Jessica!

"Jess, why didn't you tell us you were a ghost?" asked Anne Marie.

"I couldn't! If I had, you wouldn't have played with me," said Jessica.

"True," said Julia, still shaking.

"Can we still play?" asked Jessica.

"Sure," said the twins, and off they went to play with their new friend.

But then one day, Jessica strangely disappeared into thin air, never ever to be seen again.

Until this very day, Anne Marie and Julia still clearly remember every moment with Jessica. They never stop wondering where Jessica had gone. She could have crossed over, or moved on, but she didn't leave a single clue to where she went. Just there one day... and gone the next.




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