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The Generous Girlz of Whyville

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The Generous Girlz of Whyville

   by Phatangel
 Times Writer

Hi! It's me, Phatangel. You all have probably read my past articles and stories, but this one is diffferent, because it involves everyone in Whyville.

Ok, we all know about Grandma's. She gives newbies bricks, face parts and furniture, the most important of the three being face parts. But how many of you realize the shortage of stuff that Grandma has to give? You can almost always go to the square and see a newbie without a face. Imagine how they must feel, compared to the more beautiful people in Whyville.

So I started thinking, "What can I do to help Newbies?" I guess I could clam gram all of them, but I am not what you would call too rich. I mean, I have a good amount of money saved up, but if I went around giving every single newbie money, I would be broke within a day.

That's why I decided to start a group in Whyville called Generous Girlz. Me, Sari, supaturki, dancychic, carrots4, bbgirl, and Mckenzie are members, and I would love to take more people in, but probably not until we have a good start. So I am just telling you to look for stuff involving us.

If you have a good idea of something for us to do, Y-mail me at phatangel, or my other name (azura7). I will consider everyone's ideas. Also, check the BBS for bulletins about openings in the group, or other activities. I have already started planning some events, I will list them below.

  1. Beauty Pageant! I am going to have a beauty contest. It costs 5 clams to enter, but I will keep NONE of the money, I repeat NONE. I will use ALL of the proceeds to buy stuff for Grandma's, and it will be nice stuff. The 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners will each get crowns, and will be mentioned in the Times. When sending me the money, under "Reason" put "Contest". That way I will know how much money to spend on stuff for Grandma's.

    The date, time and place are as follows: November 4th, at 4:00 PM (Whyville time). It will be in the Sportzplatz. I will be the judge, along with several other Generouz Girlz.


  2. Look for dresses and acessories in Akbar's labeled: ??G??G??. This symbolizes that I or other members made this part, so all proceeds go towards buying stuff for Grandma's. I will keep none of the money earned on these parts.


  3. I have some good news! A Whyville veteran is leaving, and may be donating around 20,000 clams to Generous Girlz. All for buying stuff for Grandma's, like: rooms (we all know how much those cost), hair (guys' and girls'), eyes, noses, and outfits. Again, I will keep none of the money if this goes through.

So that is basically all. Every week or so, I will write an article for the Times, highlighting extra-generous people, and upcoming events. I will also list anyone who wants to help sponsor us (if you are interested, Y-mail me). In every article, I will write down all the money collected, and what I bought for Newbies with it.

I will repeat for the last time, (because I know many people will think that this is a scam), Generous Girlz is NON-PROFIT, as in I get zip. Zero. In fact, I will be losing money doing this. So if you still think that this is a scam, please keep it to yourself.

This is phatangel, signing off now. :)




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