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Chat Just Changed!

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Many of you have may have noticed recently (ever since Monday, June 7) that our chat boxes are outlined in red when we scroll over them. I am here to explain to you why it is like this, because maybe you have been wondering what it's for.

Say you are in a crowded room, and people are piled on top of each other and you are unable to whisper to your friend (because there are people covering him/her). This gets kind of frustrating at times; I have had it happen before to me. Well, now, when you see the person's chat box outlined, you can double click it (it will turn red) to make a box around that person (like it does when you double-click on a person). If you do this, you can whisper in crowded rooms or when someone is sitting on top of your friend.

Also, there is another addition. If two people (or more) are crowded next to each other, you can see either one of their faces by scrolling over their name. Person one is on top of Person two. You scroll over Person two's name and then Person two overlaps Person one, as shown below.

That is all I wanted to tell you. I hope my article made it easier for you to understand what the new chat additions are for!

Sincerely Yours,


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