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Senator Candidate

JoelGC's Senate Platform

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Hey my whyvillians! Some of you might not know me but im JoelGC. I would like to become your next senator. I like to make whyville stuff. I like everyone! Iv always liked whyville alot. heres some of my ideas. I think that when you report a petion that it shouldnt go away becuase alot of platforms for senator race have bean deleted. Another idea is that we should have weather dates. And achile see rain , snow falling lightning striking, and the sun rising. I also think that we should have different music for the disco I mean the same music gets kinda boring. We should have more fun things like competishions. You know that everyday every club why party plot is full and know one can just go to the disco for fun we should have one day a week where anyone can go there. We need a school just for fun we can sign up to be in school. We also need bathrooms lol a girls one and boys. If you get married we should have a church and out side of the church we should have a creek with a part rate next to it! You know the same projectles everyday almost we need new ones that would be awesome. This is what els we need a skate park. That you can fly down the ramps. I have lots more ideas I can share them with you if i make it thanks for all the supost plz vote for me! thanks *joelgc*

Editor's Note: Post your questions for JoelGC in the BBS below. He may answer them, or City Workers may use your questions for the Whyville Senator Debate, to be hosted in a few weeks by City Hall in the Greek Theatre.


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