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Senator Candidate

DivaSis's Senate Platform

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Hey my fellow whyvillians! I want to be senator because, I know whyville in and out.. and I've been wanting to help out for a long time. And I know what people want, because I've been talking with a lot of people. The other senators, I have realized, haven't done anything. I am responsible, I know how to get stuff done. I've made a lot of stuff for people on whyville, Im a creative person :) I'm not in this for the popularity. I also have a lot of friends who can help me out. The ideas I have so far is to maybe add a few more chat rooms, since around sun roof ect. It's been quite crowded indeed. One of my opinions is, why do we have houses if we cant be in it with another person? and I've noticed that people have been complaining about plots, we should have more than 2 every Saturday. And why do we send gifts to grandma's when the stuff doesn't even go to beginner whyvillians? I've lost a lot of important stuff by, accidently, clicking on grandma, and it doesn't even get sent to someone who just started, it just dissappears. I think we should have more games, that people would actually want to play, like a whyville maze. And, in the disco, all of the slots are ((ALWAYS)) filled up! We should have at least one hour a day where anybody can go in it! also, why do we have elevator music in the disco, we should be able to vote on the type of music that we desire (appropriate) music though. Everyone's been getting tired of snow, and summer, why cant we have new weather, I dont know if it's possible, but why can't we have rain.. I love rain. and why always day.. the dark is so much prettier, with stars. Also, when we are about to get muted, we should have a court room where random picked people vote on weather they should be taped or not. It's fun when we get married on whyville (I know its silly lol) but it adds excitment. Also to make parents and teachers happy (because they see you playing it a lot) and they say HOW IS THAT GAME EDGUCATIONAL? we should have some edgucational stuff, besides some of the salary raising, because (They didnt fall for that one when I suggested it lol) lol here's a looney idea, bathrooms, ha okay im getting carried away :P. PLEASE VOTE FOR ME!

Editor's Note: Post your questions for DivaSis in the BBS below. She may answer them, or City Workers may use your questions for the Whyville Senator Debate, to be hosted in a few weeks by City Hall in the Greek Theatre.


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