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Senator Candidate

Deriko's Senate Platform

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Hello fellow Whyvillians. I, Deriko, will be running for the position of Whyville Senator in the upcoming election. Through 2 years of experience, I have seen some of Whyville's past ideas, and future ambitions. Many ideas have been put to the test, and many have failed and worked. I've been watching the early senators, and been monitoring how they've progressed throughout the past year. I've spoken with city workers about several issues, and I have now come to realise Whyville's full capacity. I can see for myself what ideas will fail and work before they are put to the test. I can judge for myself which ideas will be too much for Whyville's capacity, or which ones will give Whyville the extra magic that allows us to expand our minds creatively as a community. Ideas that I have been thinking about come from the citizens themselves. A senator's job is not to take their own ideas, but to manipulate the ideas of citizens and hear Everyone's opinion. I have been listening closely to Everyone's opinion, and have ordered some of them below. I hope to see the following in my 6 month term of office: *Club Y isn't worth the clams to many citizens, and they want more. I plan to bring them one or more extra party rooms to allow more time to have fun! *I plan to work with senators sonner and oreobaby to create the long awaited times building, which will bring knowledge and chat to Whyville's friendly faces. *I plan to urge forward the development of the newbie center, and allow new citizens to gain more knowledge of the Whyville community. *I also plan to end the Whypox Disease that currently storms Whyville, and has been doing so since late October, 2003. I want new citizens to enjoy their first few days as a citizen, and not have to go through constant sneezing and what not. These ideas are just some of the many thoughts that you, the citizens, have brought forward to me. I would love to hear from you, and present your idea's to city workers. If they are worth-while, I promise that you will even be rewarded generously. I also plan to have an award of good-merrit provided to citizens throughout Whyville who have helped make Whyville a nicer place. I expect this medal will help Whyville improve its general behaviour, and stop much of the inapropriate language that has been displayed recently. If I am to be elected as your future senator, I believe that I may even be able to make whyville a happier place for citizens of All ages. Thank-you for taking the time to read my full petition, and the ideas presented here. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to Whymail me. Thanks again, Deriko.

Editor's Note: Post your questions for Deriko in the BBS below. He may answer them, or City Workers may use your questions for the Whyville Senator Debate, to be hosted in a few weeks by City Hall in the Greek Theatre.


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