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Survive Your First Five Days!

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So, you're a newbie. Just logged on to Whyville, went "Wow!" a few times, then moused over yourself. "Sorry, I cannot chat for 5 days"??!! But I thought Whyville was about chatting! you say to yourself.

The reason you can't chat just yet is that City Hall wants you to really take this chance to raise your salary and see the better half of Whyville. To help you out, I've organized a day-by-day plan for the confused newbie. It's easy, and you'll soon not only be able to chat, but be respected once you can! Don't believe me? Read on!

Day 1

Today is your "money money" day. First, get your chat license. It's a pretty simple quiz. You will now have 25 clams. I recommend getting a nice face that isn't from the newbie store or Grandma. (There's a useful Times article about how to find good heads in Akbar's from a few weeks ago, though it's not a complete list.)

Then go to your backpack on top of the bus. Open the ledger, then go to "Salary Ledger". You will see tons of games. You can try a few of the quick ones (Skater Game, Spin Game, Sun Tracker, House of Illusions) but what I want you to do is the Treasure Hunt. I'm not telling you the answers, but get lots of family to play with you! You'll have a blast! Once you're done, go to the Coin Exchange. If you don't know how to do division like this, ask someone to teach you. A pointer: Unless the exchange rate is a solid number once converted, it can be rounded up. Now, you have AT LEAST 18 clams a day for your salary and a LOT of money from the Coin Exchange.

Day 2

Today, you will raise your salary higher than the average Whyvillian. First, though, visit Akbar. Get a somewhat decent face, it won't be that hard. Go back to the the salary ledger. If you haven't done the little games, do them. You can try WASA, but it's not my area. If you have enough money, you can do the dances -- learn how from Mimi. The top game I want you to do today is the Alien Game. Lots of clams here! I managed to do this all on my own, but it will be more fun if you get someone to help you. I then did one SmartCar track, and my salary was 64! Go into the chat. Find City Records for a random person. You'll almost certainly have a higher salary.?? Editor's Note: I believe the average salary in Whyville is about 40.

Day 3

Today, tie up loose ends. Do the dances at Mimi's if you haven't done them. Try anything in your salary ledger to make your salary higher. I can't really elaborate here, but it IS important that you work on them today.

Day 4

Today, find the information that Whyville has to offer. Find Dr. Leila's reports in the Times. Read Bigfoot's help articles. Check out the instructions for the games you haven't played, or haven't done perfect on yet. Believe me, this day doesn't seem super interesting the way I've described it, but it truly is. Go everywhere, look at all the wonderful information. Whyville is like a museum.

Day 5

Today, read the archives of the Times. You'll see it's like a scrapbook. Tons of stories from before you heard of Whyville. Trust me, today is a great day! You may want to improve your face a little today.

I hope everyone learned something here. Signing off,



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