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How to Help the Helpers

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Hello Whyville! I am a Y-mail helper and as one I have to answer a LOT of questions! A lot of which are "What does a Y-mail helper do, I want to be one!" Well, I want to clear a few things up for all of you.

A Y-mail Helper does NOT get any extra clams for their service, nor do they get very popular. BUT, they do get plenty of respect from all other citizens, which I think alone makes it worth becoming one! Ask any Y-mail helper if they think it is worth being one and I bet they would say "Every penny!"

Now, as you probably know now, you need to meet requirements to be a Y-mail Helper, which are:

1. You need to have been on Whyville for at least 90 days
2. You need a salary of at least 75 clams
3. You need a clean record for the past 90 days.

Now, the 90 days rule exists is because, no offense, they don't want newbies to be the Y-mail Helpers. Now, I have absolutely nothing against newbies -- I help them as often as I can -- but Whyville needs the very experienced people to take positions like these. Maybe someday we'll have jobs that new people can help with, but that's not what Y-mail helpers are for.

The salary rule is there for the same reason: they need to make sure that the Y-mail helpers understand the games well enough to help others!

Want to know the secret to having a salary as high as you want it? It's simple: Just work hard, research the questions for answers and never, ever, EVER give up!

Finally, that clean record rule is there to keep "good-languagely challenged" (yes, I made up that word) working to keep their mouths under control!

I hope I shed some light on what we do, and I hope I'll see you with the Y-badge soon!

FireBeam, going through his Y-mails now.


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