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This is Smarty500, signing in. Just the other day, I was walking in the hallway when I saw a kid being bullied because of the color of her skin. The bullies were a couple of girls who found it their right to make someone miserable.

How can people be so cruel just to gain the approval of others? I ask myself this question many times but I have yet to find an answer. It is somewhat the same in Whyville -- people make fun of others just because they look different. I quote: "Ewww it's a punk, it's sooo ugly!" How heartless and selfish can you get? Just because someone is different doesn't give you the right to put them down to lift your sad self-esteem.

We as Whyvillians have to work on making Whyville a safe and loving environment for every different type of person to come to. Whyville loses some of its fun when we choose to bully others. As for me, I came to Whyville to forget all the cruel, horrible things that go on in real life, but when I got here, I saw that not even digitalized people can be nice to each other. Just think about it.

I wrote a poem regarding the different colors of people and how our values are all the same. I think that there is a really strong metaphor between people and crayons...


One without the other,
They're nothing,
A pack with just one color,
They complete each other,
Not one color is left out,
Of the rainbow of life,
Not one is worth more than the others,
They are all equal,
Like you and me,
Different colors,
Same value.


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