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Teleportation is Phun

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Times Writer

On Friday the 18th of June, I was visiting the Sportplatz. Mark, the City Worker, was there, kindly socializing with the passersby. He told us that he wanted to show us a brand new room. He informed us that in order to get there, we needed to say a certain incantation ("teleport saturn") to arrive. Boy, was it nice!

Take a look:

Saturn is quickly becoming a popular place already. Be sure to check it out by saying "teleport saturn". If not, you will surely miss out on the action!


Guest Writer

Dear Whyvillians,

I know there has been some talk about "life on other planets" and stuff like that. If you haven't heard about it, I'm going to tell you now.

One day when I logged on to Whyville, I saw that the login page said there was "life on other planets" and said to "Ask some friends to find out how to get to the planets!"

I was amazed!! I couldn't believe it! I had to ask somebody, so I went to the beach and asked if anyone knew what this was about. Jakcrazy told me to say "teleport moon". I did that and then I went to the moon!! I couldn't believe it!

Now, all you have to do is say "teleport (any planet)" -- Thank you SO much for your time and I hope you enjoy visiting the planets in Whyville!! And a big thanks to jakcrazy!!!

Your fellow Whyvillian,

Editor's Note: We got a bunch of great reports on teleporting! Thanks to everyone who wrote about the news and their responses -- honorable LOL goes to the Whyvillian who asked when the CWs will let Uranus into Whyville.... :-)


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