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Announcements & Advertisements
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       Contest Host

READIERS Giving Away 500 Clams In Beauty Contest!

Attention all WHYVILLIANS! Yes, you! If you are reading this, you're a Whyvillian. A day to remember is DECEMBER 3rd, when there will be the biggest beauty contest ever, at the Auditorium. Remember! December 3rd at the Auditorium!

Don't miss it -- 300 clams will be given to the winner of this beauty contest! All from me, READIER, the host of this huge contest.

It's free to enter, and the contest will start at 4pm Whyville time. There will be 10 finalists who will each receive 10 clams... there will be 5 girls and 5 boys... and I will choose a boy and a girl who will receive 50 clams each... and then the grand prize! The best looking person in Whyville will receive 300 clams!!! That's 360 clams total for the winner of this beauty contest!

Come to the contest, because I'll be giving away 500 clams altogether! Join me in the Auditorium on December 3rd, at 4pm!



  Company President

You heard me!!! The Scoots (Ahem, Yeehaah, Ghostly and me) have made a new company! The ScootWeddingsAndSpecialOccasions, Inc.

We do anything!!! As in... Photography! Priests! Ushers! Bodyguards! and Projectile Throwers!


Please please hire us!!! We go for

We promise satisfaction! Y-mail me!



     Club Organizer

The L.A.D.C. (or "lad sea") club is under construction, but you can sign up now! I only have 10 positions to fill.

This club helps girls and guys deal with asking out, flirting, and dating. If you are good at this stuff, please join, and if you are bad at this stuff, come and get some tips from the experts.

If you wanted to know, L.A.D.C. stands for Love and Dating Club. We will meet every week at my house at a certain time which must be decided by all the members so they all can attend. Y-mail me at Lilly2000 if you want to join now. Hope to hear from you!



     Church Owner

Hey Everyone!

If you haven't yet heard, I have turned my Whyville home into Whyville's one and only wedding church. My house, inside and out, is designed like a church, which makes it a great place to get married in! It has an altar, and candles, and lots of room for family and friends.

It does cost a bit of money to have your wedding there because I need to pay for the new furniture, and for the 2 new rooms being built {they aren't open yet, but the room to get married in is}. Once the 2 rooms are built, they will become the dance hall and the waiting/visiting room.

Now, if you have any old furniture to donate to the church please send it to Grandma's and then Y-mail me. Plus, since the church is low on funds, please donate clams to help the costs {if you want}.

Also, I am looking for some ministers and priests, who will get paid depending on how many weddings they work at. Please Y-mail punkst3r if you are interested. Well, I guess that's it, so if you want a reservation for your wedding, Y-mail Punkst3r! Remember to include the date and time. Well, hope to see you all soon!! Bye!




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