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My Visit to the Newbie Center

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Hey Whyville! This is Kimker.

You may or may not have noticed, but the Newbie Center is finally open!

I love helping newbies. I remember how hard it was when I first started out. I'd be a Y-mail helper if the "application pool" wasn't full.

I did some poking around, and this is what I found out. My friend told me some of this stuff, too.

Newbies that can't chat yet can chat in the Newbie Center.
People who have been taped can chat in there.
Only Y-mail helpers can sit on the desk.
You have to be invited to sit on the chair.
You can only whisper in there, unless a Y-mail helper is at the desk.

Instead of newbies however, the only people in there were my friends from The why House (a.k.a. Dog House). I hung out for awhile, until a Y-mail helper came in and sat at the desk. (I'm not going to say any names).

My friends all left, but I stayed for awhile. I wanted to help any newbies that came in. I would be more than happy to give a few clams or helpful tips.

Finally, a newbie came in. (Still not mentioning names). I told her she could chat in that room ("I can't chat for 2 days") and asked her if I could help her with anything.

"You're not an official Y-mail helper," the Y-mail helper said.

"I know," I responded. "I just like helping newbies."

"I'm sorry," she said "but you're not an official Y-mail helper." Then she asked the newbie, "Can I help you with anything?"

I was upset. The only reason I went in there was to help some newbies, and this Y-mail helper was acting like she's better than me! I wasn't aware that only Y-mail helpers can help fellow Whyvillians get a better start! (That was sarcasm, by the way).

I'm not going back to the Newbie Center in a hurry. Just in case that same Y-mail helper is there.

This is Kimker, signing off.

P.S. This is going slightly off-subject, but I wonder if they should move the Newbie Center. Some people have problems finding The Why/Dog House, so how are newbies supposed to find it?

Editor's Note: Firstly, ALL citizens are welcome to help -- the Center isn't there so Y-Helpers can be the center of attention, which I believe most if not all of them understand. It's all about helping each other, whatever our age!

In other, happier news, the Newbie Center is now in the bus menu! Whoo-hoo!


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