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Stay Safe in Whyville

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Stay Safe in Whyville

   by Phatangel
 Times Writer

Hi, its me Phatangel again. I have a new article, and this time its on... Safety ! Here goes...

Ok, I know everyone in Whyville is probably sick of hearing the same old, "Oh, be careful online. Never give out your real name." and so on. But this issue is really important, because on Whyville many people make friends, and end up giving out lots of info to people whom they think they know, and whom they trust. They probably are nice enough, and just a regular kid/teen, but you never know.

Cuz I mean, this world is full of sickos who sit at their computers 24/7 and prey on kids and teens online. You may think that everyone you know on Whyville is just a regular person, but you never know. Even the sickest people in the world can act perfectly normal and nice.

They can trick you into giving out info about yourself. For example, just a little bit ago in the square, Muffy000* said her complete name, first and last. This may not seem like a big deal, but all they need to know is your last name and state to track you down. So watch it with last names, ok?

And second, this doesn't effect your REAL life, but your Whyville one. Don't give out your password. I was in the Square, and someone just blurted out their password. I went on his name, and sure enough the password worked. I told him I was going to change his password and Y-mail him it, so no one could go on his name and mess it all up. So I did, and he thanked me later. (He has since changed his password again).

He was lucky that time, but what if someone who wasn't nice heard that and messed up that person's name? Not too smart.

So, that is all for now on safety. Bye!


* = names changed




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