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Good Citizen Award-Winner: Deriko!

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A big congratulations to Deriko, the winner of Whyville's first-ever official Good Citizen award!

As many of you know, the good citizen award has been rumored and suggested for quite some time, but it was in now-Senator OrEoBaBy's platform that it grew especially popular. As Senator, she encouraged the development of what is expected to be a regular award. Thanks to our Senators for all supporting this uplifting acknowledgement of Whyville's MANY great citizens!

Deriko consistently helps those citizens who want to help themselves, whether newbie or oldbie. He offers advice and solid direction, but chooses not to give out free clams because he believes in the value of hard work. (Not that you're a bad citizen if you give out clams, but why he doesn't is fair and reasonable, and helps people learn about earning their own clammage!) Deriko was held in high esteem during the recent Senate Race, while almost simultaneously organizing and running the largest-ever Checkers Tournament without significant help from the City Workers. He is independent, and always mindful of the Whyville Way.

Congratulations, Deriko, and thank you!

The goal of this "Good Citizen" award is to shift our focus on those citizens who break the rules, or who don't know about them -- that's what the 911 Report and the Chat License tend to make us think about, don't they?

We at City Hall agree, it's really important to celebrate the citizens who exemplify the Whyville Way!

During Senate Hall discussions, led by Senators OrEoBaBy and Sonner, many of you said you wanted a way for citizens to file "good citizen reports", which would lead to the awarding of a non-expiring face part medal. Now, we can't allow everyone to report because it would take us a lot of work to investigate each report. We wouldn't be able to tell if you're nominating someone just because they were your best friend, your sister, or your other account.

Instead, city workers will keep an eye out, and we will take nominations from our senators, since senators are supposed to be our eyes and ears into the community. Y-mail Helpers will also participate in the nominating.

Winners of the award will get a non-expiring face part medal.

What does it take to "exemplify" the Whyville Way? Respecting Whyville's rules; helping others, eagerness to explore, learn, communicate, create; protecting Whyville's safety; all these and more are what the Whyville Way is all about.

Is it what you're about? :-)


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