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What is Up With These Platforms?

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Ahhh! What is it with violence these days?? Video games, wars, blood, these things are all becoming a fad in the World, as well as in Whyville!

I was recently appalled by one petition that I read in City Hall. I have it here:

    "i agree i agree wat!! ne ways im the 1 who says get off mi baq well listen iwant a new privelg i want a laser gun so on ur screen the guy gets zapped and vurns and dies kool huh but wait there is more u will recive 100 clamz4 zappin sum1 hey cityhall dont get me rong i like whyville but i cant deal with it day in day out waitin for my salary here is a piece of edvice: I WANT THE CLAMZ FASTER*!!!!! i mean i look at it and it is so bad i cant beraw lookin at it also if u think i llok cute sigh mi petion cause ill hook u up w/ sum 1 else whose lookin rofdeath ne ways i want 2 say vote 4 me for mi petition yay it is a lovely day and never rains well i wantit 2 rain i think rain is kool also there should b a hunnymoon resurant instead of theat fating food court blaq it discusein and the guy dont evr talk now that svcks ok vote 4 me by by!!!"
I bolded the parts that I was the most offended by. Whyville isn't about violence or "hooking up" or any of these things. And this person thinks that it's okay to have these things on a website for kids? I don't think so! At the least, I certainly don't hope so.

I don't know about the rest of you but I don't think this is much of a Senatorial platform! Do you see anything about this that would be "helping" Whyville, anyway? Killing, honeymoons and online dating aren't ways to have people vote for you or to benefit our virtual town. And I hope all of you who are considering running for office who agree with this platform will please reconsider!

Thanks for your time. Cast your votes at City Hall in a few weeks for our next Senator!

This is ~Smileon7 signing off!
Peace, love and sauerkraut. :)

Hint: Try raising your salary so you get more clams a day, or just sign on without spending anything!

p.s. I'm sorry, but I just got Y-Mail back about that person's punishment... and the City is not going to punish them!
    Thanks for your report. Although helpful, we didn't punish (them). That's not necessarily a great petition, but we'll let the people vote on it rather than censor it.
I really agree with City Hall quite often, but I feel that this time this person should get it for wanting to "kill" people online.

You may not agree with me, but I hope that someone does.

Editor's Note: That does seem pretty strange that a City Worker passed on punishing that platform. Sometimes things slip through the cracks -- this sounds like one of those cases. Thanks for bringing it to our attention, smileon7! Let's hope this Senate Race brings out the best in everyone!


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