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Time for a Change

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"Heya all!"

No answer. I sigh.

Figures -- I haven't been on Whyville for almost six months. I've had a number of excuses for not signing in... I broke my leg, and the crutches were too annoying to be by the computer desk... I got drawn into forums and roleplaying... not to mention I broke my arm, too. (I'm quite the klutz, LOL.) But none of those excuses meant much.

I signed in again today (the first day I got the cast off) and I saw none of my usual crowd at the 'Platz. Who knows, maybe they got new accounts and then forgot about me? Or maybe they quit Whyville. Who knows?

I was thinking about what could have happened when some Whyvillian walked (or should I say floated?) over to me. I was halfway through typing "Heya!" to them when they said, "ur ugly!!!111"

It had been so long since I came to Whyville, I'd forgotten how mean some of the people here were! I mean, at all the forums I went to (even the ones with avatars and currency) there was never anyone who would go out of their way to put someone else down!

I replied with a "Hey! Just because I haven't updated in a while doesn't make me hideous!"

"Get away from me, noob," the person said.

What?! I'm not a noob. Not that it would matter -- rudeness like that has no justification. And this person was telling me to go away, when he/she was the one who approached me!

The point of this article? Just a suggestion to grow up. To insult another simply shows your own insecurity. I think it's time the insults stop. Not that this article will make a big change in people, but I had to say something.

This is LilCas, signing off for another week or two!
*click* grrr -- I said click!! *click-cli-click*

Editor's Note: The City Workers and I find these kinds of insults to be ridiculous, no matter how common or rare it may be in Whyville. Our town should be welcoming and open to everyone, especially newbies. The way you treat others, especially the new and innocent, reflects on the kind of person you are and want to be. What kind of person do you want to be?


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