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Do You Have a RIGHT to Vote?

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I've been thinking about this whole Senate race. I would put this in the polls, but the ones who sign the petitions are mostly interested in getting more chat rooms, so it's pretty senseless to go that route, I think.

Voting for the Senate seems easy right? When you log on, there are three faces: Pick the hottest one, and you are set, right? Well, that's what it seems a lot of people think! But you can't tell by someone's face if they are going to raise funds for Whyville!

And to make it worse, you can vote as many times as you want, if I'm not wrong. Every time you log on during the election, you can vote, therefore supporters of a candidate can log in, and out, and in....

Editor's Note: Here's good news: as with all elections, in and out of Whyville, every person gets only one vote. Better make it count!

I'm just posing an idea -- PLEASE post in the BBS if you agree or disagree! What if, like in the real world, you had to register to vote?

In real life, you must register ahead of time to vote. What if on Whyville you had to pass a test, similar to the one to get a Chat License, only with questions about what a Senator had to do? And what if when you voted, you couldn't see the candidates' faces? On the real U.S. Presidential ballot, you don't see any faces. This way, people won't vote for who is the 'hottest'!

In addition, in real life, you must be 18 to vote. What if on Whyville you had to be an at least a 3-month member to vote?

Just consider it!

Kind of getting fed up with elections that are not proving anything,

Editor's Note: Excellent suggestions, Wildfire9! What do you all think would happen if they did some of these things in real life? What if you had to pass a test in order to be allowed to vote? Who would lose the right to vote when they should or shouldn't keep it? Can you ever say that someone shouldn't have the right to vote, and when is that?

As for faces, if there's anybody in the U.S. of voting age who hasn't seen a picture of Bush or Kerry, please stand up! :-) But you're right, we don't see their pictures in the ballot -- and perhaps that is a very key distinction. What does everyone think of that?

Thanks for your brainstorming, and keep it up! Keep on suggesting options and analyzing your ideas and those of others. That's the Whyville Way!


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