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Open the Eyes of Soy

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You should all know about the wonderful miracle bean called soy! It reduces heart attacks and stroke, and it gives you just all-round good health! Or does it?

Now, if you have not heard, boys and girls get different levels of different hormones when they mature. For boys, it's mainly all about testosterone. You can also find this in steroids, as it makes you grow bigger muscles, but it also makes you more aggressive, so too much testosterone can totally ruin your health.

For girls, the main one is "estrogen", as found in... you guessed it! SOY!

How, you ask? It turns out that soy has its own way of making estrogen naturally.

I'll bet you're asking, so what's the big deal? So soy has estrogen, it's not going to kill me!

Well, no, it will not, not from what I understand. But it can cause bad effects in boys or young girls. If girls get much estrogen too soon in their lives, it could hurt their body. As for boys, they should not get a lot of estrogen at all! If you met a boy that acted a lot like a girl, I'll bet he probably had a lot of soy in his life. (That's not scientific, mind you.) And a boy being a lot like a girl is NOT a good thing, LoL!

Giving a little soy to boys and little girls is not really dangerous; just try to avoid it when possible, ok?

Hope I taught you something healthy! Live a good long life!

FireBeam, once again going through his Y-mail.

Source: My health-crazy mom, who teaches me things I don't know all the time! LoL!

Editor's Note: You have some fascinating ideas here, FireBeam -- I hope you and everyone else take the time to research this online, at the library, and maybe even ask a doctor or a nutritionist what the real deal with soy and estrogen is! Is it actually bad for boys and young girls?

Now, on another note, I have to ask: Is it actually
bad for boys to act a little more like girls? I know a lot of stereotypical "girl" behaviors that stereotypical boys would do well to learn or emulate!! Just like there are valuable things in the boy stereotype that would improve the "typical" girl. Is there anything that boys shouldn't ever do that girls do, and vice versa?


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