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I Remember Too

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This is just a short poem in response to my friend Weathercr's poem from last week's double issue, called "I Remember" (written as AnG3lCaT). When I read this, I was like, wow that was amazing! I remembered then just how much of a friend she had been. This is just a little poem about her... and old Whyville things we did together.

I remember too,
the fun nights I spent with you
I remember the dreidel and races,
and how we'd stay up late talking with our faces.

I remember how we used to meet,
and go hey I know you!
I remember the jokes and the laughs,
and how we had such a gas.

I remember too,
how we stopped bumping into,
each other and how I thought our love was over,
I remember though, how much I missed you.

I remember then,
when suddenly I saw you again,
and how it took a moment for us to see
I remember that then; we weren't who we used to be.

And when you had changed,
and I had grown so old,
and suddenly,
our friendship had gone cold.

I remember after,
how we tried to make it work,
I'd come meet you,
We'd chat and joke.

I remember how, we gave up.
I moved on, and you did too...
I remembered then, to never forget you.

In the 'Platz I soon forgot,
of the beach and of you
and then I read your poem,
And I knew...

I knew who you were,
I knew what you meant,
I knew how you felt,
My heart was left bent.

But whatever you do now
please remember I won't forget,
just what our friendship meant.

you were an awesome friend,
and if this is your goodbye,
I'm going to miss you.


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