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The Senate Race!

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The race to become Whyville's next Senator began in earnest the night of Friday, August 6! City Workers have created a brand-new Senate Platform System that will let you post your platforms separate from the poll booth. 911 Reports and votes may seem a little different to you, especially if you're brand new to Whyville.

Candidates -- that's anybody! -- can post their platforms in the NEW system right away. Citizens can start voting then for the person they think will best be able to help Whyville and its citizens.

OrEoBaBy has been a good Senator these past many months, but she has fulfilled her duties, and her term of office will soon be complete. Now it's time to replace her in the 3-person Whyville Senate. Thanks to OrEoBaBy, and good luck to you all!

To prepare yourself for your run for the fifth-ever Senator spot, you might want to read City Hall's announcement of the very first Senate Race... BabyPowdr's article on what writing a political platform means... Minty0323's excellent description of "Platforms and Purposes"... and Sk8inhoti's piece defining what he thinks platforms should be. There's also a striking commentary in this week's paper, too!

Voters, please read Hermionez's article about how citizens should handle the election process and talk about it with your friends.

You can also check out all articles with 'Senate' in their title and all articles with 'platform' in their title.

Naturally, this coming election doesn't mean that OrEoBaBy, Sonner and DivaSis are out of a job already. We're going to have a real Senate, with three Senators. The plan is for them to be Senators for six months -- so candidates, please be prepared to commit that kind of time to us. Thanks!

Again, the Senate Race HAS begun! Apologies for the long delay, but the Senate Platform System is now up and running! There may be a bug or two, so please be patient and let us know if you run into any issues. Any platforms posted before this announcement will probably not count -- we'll be lenient this time, since there were problems getting things started on time. But platforms in the City Hall Poll Booth definitely won't count. Also, there are currently no restrictions on who can run, including previous senators and candidates.

The platforms will be voted on for two weeks; the top 3 vote-getters will be posted in the Whyville Times on the weekend of August 22, most likely.

Ready? Set? Go!

City Hall


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