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What's a Why-Pass?

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Most of you probably know about Why-Passes, but just in case you don't -- a Why-Pass is a ticket to science and Whyville. A Why-Pass guarantees you access to Whyville and the Face Factory so that you don't have to wait in the waiting room and your face parts never expire -- a solution to all those petitions. Plus, you get to double the people in your address book. And nowadays they have a lifetime Why-Pass so all you have to pay is $20.00 for one account.

You'll also be helping Whyville grow and make more rooms (like the newly added Newbie Center) and hire more City Workers. This way, Whyville can show investors that their citizens care and that they have a way to make money.

To buy a Why-Pass, just go to the homepage and then to Why-Pass on the bottom middle of the page. You can pay for a Why-Pass with Mastercard, Visa, check, money order, check or Paypal.

In case your parents are worried about giving out their Mastercard or Visa number online, I can ensure you that your number will be safe. Here's more assurance: Whyville processes credit card orders with an SSL Secure Commerce Server which protects credit card information with military-grade encryption. They don't store your credit card number after your transaction completes, and they promise they'll never reveal your personal information to any other organization. If your parents are still worried, you could always purchase a Why-Pass using check or money order, or call up the people at Whyville to discuss it if they want to.

You might have heard about bidding for a Pass and thought, "Where and how do I do that?" That's what I said! I emailed Why-Pass@whyville.net -- the place for all your questions. I got the reply promptly. They said that Whyville doesn't have bidding for Passes anymore.

I also asked about the Superid article because it said that the lifetime Why-Pass was only available to buy until January 1, 2004. The reply: "Before, we planned it that way, but it was so popular we decided to keep it."

If you still have any more questions about a Why-Pass, be sure to visit the F.A.Q. page on Why-Passes.

This is gopal200, logging off and hoping you buy a Pass.


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