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What I See in My Dog

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I recently read Troublenc's poem, "What I see in my dog." I know what she's talking about!

I have a dog at home who we adopted from a shelter in California. Stick around and listen as I tell you the story of my dog Betty.

We don't know Betty's first owners, but they dumped her in the desert in California. All she had to eat were lizards! (EWWW!) She was only a pup and had no water. Then, from what I recall, someone picked her up and took her to the pound.

Betty spent about two weeks there, and then a nice man took her into his home!!

Now, this is where I come in! I was watching a TV show with my brother, and as always, I was eavesdropping on my parents. I remembered my Mom saying, "Let's go see if we like that dog."

That's when I yelled, "WE'RE GETTING A DOG?!!"

My Mom said, "Maybe."

That night we went to the man's house, and I laid my eyes on a beautiful dog with colors of yellow, brown and black! While my mom and dad were talking to the man, my bro and I were watching TV again. Then, Betty came up to us and licked us! I immediately fell in love with that dog.

The next day, my Mom came home with Betty! I was so happy, and that night my new pup slept in my room.

We still have Betty, and she's been with us for the past six years. I love her so much, and she's so sweet! Betty will always have a place in my heart.

Well Whyville, thanks for reading! I hope you adopt and give a loving dog a good home!!

This is your doggie-loving reporter signing off! *click*


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