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What's Wrong with This Senate Race!?

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Some things in Whyville we just can't stop. Expiring face parts, harassment toward newbies, and scamming for example. But there is a new, big issue that has recently come up.

I had an article published a week or two ago, "Do You Have a RIGHT to Vote?", which brought up the issue of people voting for someone because they look 'hot'. I'm glad to say that the City Workers have put into effect a rule that you can't vote unless you've been registered in Whyville for four weeks. This, I believe, will prevent the creation of multiple accounts just to sign platforms.

Yet, people have dozens of user names already and vote for their own petitions, inflating their numbers and making them look more popular than they could possibly be. This next part may get people angry, but we have to fix the problem. I don't mean to pick on just one person -- I'm sure there are others doing this as well.

I know the sky is blue, the grass is green, and people are cheating in this election. They can write all the articles and hate mail they want, but this must be exposed!

Let's take a look at someone's platform.... at near-random, let's choose Jorge13, who has 25 votes for him. Good job, but how many are actually votes from other citizens, and how many are just himself? Here's the list:

Jorge13 	Jorge14 	Jorge16 	Jorge15 	81egroJ 	JorgeXVII

Jorge19 JorgeXVll HAPHBAKED noice xXNESHAXx 71bast71
XxjorgexX RichH0b0 xyztank Xiaolin57 cutetanya xJORGEx
kitkat40 grlygrl16 ILUVMDB Lexi45 SwtChik17 IiItiger8
Let's see here: Jorge14, Jorge16, Jorge15, 81edroJ (Jorge18 backwards), JorgeXVII, Jorge19, JorgeXV11 (no, not a repeat), XxjorgexX, and xJORGEx all sound similar to Jorge13, eh? Without a doubt in my mind, I say no one could say "Maybe they are someone else's account?" Those are all clearly Jorge13's usernames -- and they're just the obvious ones.

Hah! In his platform, Jorge13 says that lying isn't a good way to get votes!

As if that wasn't bad enough, here are the names on Brian98's list, a respected runner-up from a previous senate race, now running in the current race:

Brian98 	Killzo87 	Kitten23 	ACdc7864 	ACDC8184 	ACDC9999

Bo4444444 Bo987123 Bo987987 Brian00 reg987123 Brian02
Brian04 Brian05 Brian09 Brian07 Brian08 Brian140
BRIAN142 Brian141 Brian143 BRIAN145 Brian146 Brian26
Brian27 Brian340 Brian888 Intoxic Kimmyster Mark2727
penny567 SuGaHuNy6 vicky333 xCoNgOx XTwistedX TrulyGold
imtanya K2rider ReMmEyG votebo ILoveBo VoteBo1
REG123987 Triss reg02 FRANKLlN Manderz51 nicenfun
telena CaSs005 xbellex 1gouth19 Hilary07

Hmmm... Bo4444444, Bo987123, Bo987987, Brian00, Brian02, Brian04, Brian05, Brian09, Brian07, Brian08, Brian140, BRIAN142, Brian141, Brian143, BRIAN145, Brian146, Brian26, Brian27, Brian340, Brian888, votebo, ILoveBo, and VoteBo1. (Bo is his nickname.) That's at least 23 votes from himself!

This race isn't about who is best for the job! It's about whoever has the most usernames!

If you want to win, win honestly. Please, DON'T CHEAT! That is almost as bad as voting for the person that's the 'hottest'!

What can we do to stop this? Nothing, I'm afraid! They are all different usernames and we can't say 'So-and-so voted for themselves more than once," even though they clearly did.

City Hall, something needs to be done.

Let's keep this a clean race!


Editor's Note: I'm sure City Hall will take into account these people's decisions to use their own accounts to vote for themselves. On the other hand, if you do use your additional accounts on a regular basis -- if they're "alive", real citizens of Whyville -- those accounts probably should have a right to vote, too, don't you think?

Something you *can* do to help is to keep writing these kinds of articles, and on the flipside, encourage the *positive* part of Whyville politics. This was an excellent case of investigative journalism in Whyville -- thanks!


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