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Hey, I'm Softbll12 and I would like to be Whyville's next Senator. I have been on Whyville since October 2003, and I think I have enough experience to hold this position. Also, I have participated in weekly events frequently, such as Trivia and Media Hour. I have also written a couple of articles for the Whyville Times. Here are a couple of my ideas.

1. I think there should be a BBS in the Newbie Center. If there is no one sitting at the desk, citizens cannot be helped, unless they y-mail a helper. A lot of times Y-mail helpers have enough y-mails anyways. If the city workers disapprove of a Newbie BBS, I will try to make Newbie Center helpers, or more Y-mail helpers.

2. Appreciation Days: days where we could celebrate Whyville :). There could be clam showers, egg hunts, etc. Appreciation days could take place once a month.

3. Plots: There are a few options for this. We could delete plots all together, or fix the plots now and make them better. Each has its pros and cons. If we delete plots, a lot of citizens will be angry, although it will save server space. If we keep the plots and make them better, it would take up some more server space and every citizen probably won't be able to get one. I suggest we make a poll on this to decide.

4. My fourth idea is in favor of Club Why members. We pay 1000 clams just to get an "exclusive" Club Why room and parties at the disco. Well, I admit the disco parties are pretty cool, but still I think we should get more for 1000 clams. Also, it gets pretty crowded during "Meet the Makers." I was thinking there could be another Club Why room.

5. Whyology Survey: I know that there has been one once. Since it has been a few years since the last one, I would like to bring it back.

6. Getting rid of the Why-Pox disease. A lot of people have had it, and they quit Whyville because of it. Also, the activities for Why-Pox don't even raise your salary anymore. If the city workers do want to keep it, I will try to push them to finish the salary points for the Why-Pox at the CDC.

7. Have you ever tried making a party at Club Why? Usually, there are only a few spots open, and those are at times that we would be asleep! I would like to change the time slots from 1 hour to 30 minutes. This way, a lot more of us would have reasonable party times.

I will listen and consider everyone's ideas and comments, so just tell! :D

Please consider voting for me as your Senator,


Editor's Note: Post your questions for softbll12 in the BBS below. She may answer them, or City Workers may use your questions for the Whyville Senator Debate, to be hosted in a few weeks by City Hall in the Greek Theater. You can also post questions for the Debate in the Times Editor's "What's New in Whyville".


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