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by Genie2
    Guest Writer

There was once this girl who, like lots of people, liked going to Whyville. She had saved for a long time and made a lot of money by making cool things for Whyvillians to buy. Lots of whyvillians liked her stuff cause she worked really hard on it and made sure it looked good before selling.

Well, one day someone new came to Whyville. The girl was chatting in the Square, when suddenly this new person came in. The new person was mean and told everyone in the Square she would steal their passwords, and left.

The next day the girl came back to find a weird message in her mail box titled, "I've stolen from you." She looked at it expecting something funny, but only found a rude note saying that someone had taken her money!! She quickly went to her ledger only to find that LOTS of her clams were gone!!

She was very mad, so she changed her password. She told all her friends what had happened and they were all very sorry.

A few days later she came on to Whyville and checked her mail like she did everyday, and found another note from the thief!! She quickly opened it and read another horrible note saying more money had been taken!! She checked her ledger and sure enough it had!

She told all her pals that it had happened AGAIN! She changed her password yet again, but the same thing kept happening! Soon she transported all her money to other accounts, and the next day she found a note by the thief in her mailbox. In this note the thief promised to leave her alone... but, as it turned out, the thief didn't.

Some days her password had been changed, but one of her Whyville daughters helped her guess it. A few days later she tried changing her pass but it said "Incorrect Password!" Her whyville daughter tried and tried guessing, but had no luck. She could never use that name again!

Her daughter told her she could use her name, because the thief had also changed her other accounts' passwords! She is very sad, but hopes to build another account! Soon she hopes to have another rich account, with lots of things she made!!


This was a true story, about what happened to googles. What follows is the true confession of the thief, Sweet1...

    Hai... I did a very awful thing and stole googles accounts and money. I'm VERY sorry, and I guess you should all know by now anyway. I'm very sorry about what I did and it almost cost my sister (Genie2) her account! I will never do this again, and if all of googles' children AND googles herself will please forgive me.... You don't have to, but I'd like googles and her kids to Y-mail me about how you want me to pay you back.





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