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What's New This Week

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What's New This Week

Breaking news: City Hall has implemented another frequent request from Whyvillians!

Due to the well-known land shortage problem in Myville, many Whyvillians are sharing houses with their friends. Enterprising folks have even converted their houses into apartment complexes.

Starting this week, landowners will be able to keep better track of their house guests (or lodgers, as the case may be) via a handy guest book, to be found inside their satchels.

Official house guests will also benefit from the new system; as someone's house guest, you'll be able to go to your new resident by clicking the house on top of the bus. Your new address will show up in City Records, and best of all, Sergio will also provide taxi service for your friends who wish to visit you!

The Solstice Safari continues this week. Almost 500 Whyvillians have signed up for the Solstice Safari, and if you're not one of them, there's still time, but not much longer.

Those of you already on a team, Kiki has asked me to remind you that she'll be looking at Team Challenge 1 responses very soon. If your team wants to stay in the running, you'd better get your act together!

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The Editor


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