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Crazy Dreams

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All of us have had those really weird dreams, like the one when you're somehow at school naked or you can't find your classroom, right? But have you ever actually thought about the zaniness that SOME people think up? I've asked random people about their craziest dreams... for your enjoyment.

My question to everyone was: What was the weirdest dream you've ever had?

Nspotlite: I was under a card table and pigs were all around me trying to eat me.

M1zBHaved: In second grade, and there was this boy, I don't remember his first name, but his last name was Waters, and anyway he liked me and I liked him. The dream was that we got married in the school gym, and then we were like on this school bus on our way to a field trip that was our "honeymoon."

babybrat8: Um, I don't really have one... I had this dream of a house, two nights in a row. Three story house. I want that house.

Monkey459: (yes, that's me) When I was little, I used to have this dream like every other night where my family and I lived in a two-room cottage. I would come out of the bedroom to get a drink and then all of a sudden, I'd hear this huge scraping noise and I'd turn around to see the Coca-Cola polar bears (two of them) rowing through the wooden floor of my living room area in a canoe. Even weirder, they had my mom and dad's bed (with my mom and dad in it, still fast asleep) in the back of the canoe. Then they rowed out the door.

Please write your wackiest dreams in the BBS. They're fun to read. ;)

This is Monkey459, signing off.
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Editor's Note: When I was about seven, I dreamed about this building in my hometown -- it was big and blocky, and set off from the main road by a long driveway and a grassy lawn. I dreamed that it was a mall (actually it's an insurance company) where my grandmother, mother, sister and I were shopping at. We walked by this guy selling peanuts at a stand with a high-seas sailing look to it, complete with a big sailor's wheel (like what you use to pilot a big wooden sailing ship). The sleeping me was watching it all like it was on the TV -- so when the eartquake happened, it was like the whole screen slanted really sharply, and everybody went sliding off the screen! The scene then cut to the outside of the building, which suddenly grew airplane wings out the sides and started to fly up into the air! (If you've ever seen a Monty Python animation, it was like that, even though I'd never seen Monty Python at that age.) Scene change again, and you see that I'm at that sailing wheel, and it's clear I'm piloting the flying building! And that's it. The weirdest part of it all, this dream absolutely terrified me; I have never been so scared by any dream since. Bizarre, huh?


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