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Y-Mail Helpers Speak Out

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Everyone knows not just anyone can be a Y-mail Helper. You need to meet certain initial requirements for becoming a Y-mail Helper.... If you are considering becoming one, be patient, because you might not get a response from City Hall right away, and there is a chance that you might be rejected. Whyville has a whole lot of helpers at this moment, so keep that in mind.

Now, I often wonder about the experience of being a Y-mail helper... so I decided to interview several of them to find out what it's like.

Girlie191: Why did you become a Y-mail helper?

Deriko: I wanted to give back to the Whyville community in the same way that it gives back to me, and to so many more citizens in Whyville.
FireBeam: I wanted to Help people, ever since I joined Whyville; all the "newbie" mocking I got hurt me so much, I vowed that when I was an oldbie, I would help as many newbies as I could! Well, now I've not limited myself to newbies, but everyone who needs help!
Chilly321: Because for so long I have wanted to help people and be open about it and now I can because people understand who and what I am, so I'm there for them when they need me.
Kirbie393: I wanted to help newbies more efficiently.

Girlie191: What are the perks of being a Y-mail helper?

Deriko: There are really only two perks to becoming a Y-mail Helper. The first is something that Y-mail Helpers don't tell anyone, so I can't tell you. Most Y-mail Helpers don't even know about it either. The second is that we may get a say in the Good Citizen Award.
FireBeam: Well, you can help people at the Newbie Center! LoL, and I guess you get a little popular, but that's about it. No clam bonuses, no salary raising, but I think it's worth it. ;)
Chilly321: I get to sit and help newbies in the Newbie Center when I have time, and I get a lot of respect from the majority of people in Whyville.
Kirbie393: The perks? I guess getting to help people is the main one for me. I've also met a lot of great people through the Newbie Center.

Girlie191: What don't you like about being a Y-mail helper?

Deriko: There's really nothing for me not to like, because I'm a very patient person. You will get hate mail, but very little. The only think that I think most people wouldn't like is having to answer 75 Y-mails a day, and about 45 of them ask how to earn clams. You must be ready to answer that question many times over.
FireBeam: Sometimes it gets annoying when you keep getting the same kind of mails over and over; like, you get 12 mails a day asking how you throw projectiles.
Chilly321: Getting hate mail and people asking me for clams. Oh, and also people complaining about things that aren't even under my control. It makes me feel so helpless to help them.
Kirbie393: Ugh, a few things. For one, all the pointless messages you get flooding your mailbox (chain letters, etc). I also don't like it that some people have come to the Newbie Center and basically yelled at me just for being in the desk.

Girlie191: If you could, what would you change about the Y-mail Helper system?

Deriko: You really chose a bad time for this question. There is a meeting today for Y-mail Helpers to discuss this issue.
FireBeam: I would make it easier to become one. I didn't really do it the old-fashioned way by emailing City Hall (I am actually the newest Y-mail Helper). What happened was I was rather unfairly muted for something a looong time ago, and it was keeping me from the Y-mail Helper position, so I y-mailed scyllaCat and (over a period of 4 months) we worked me into becoming a Y-mail Helper!
Chilly321: I would raise the salary requirement to, say, 80 clams. We need more-experienced people, not less-experienced people on the team of helpers. As you may have seen, there are petitions saying to lower it. My answer explains why.
Kirbie393: I can think of a couple things, but none that are actually changeable. So nothing, I guess.

Girlie191: Is there any advice you can offer to those of us considering becoming Y-mail helpers?

Deriko: The chances of any citizen becoming a Why-mail Helper are about one in ten thousand. Here is my only advice, and it is really something that should be common knowledge. If you have to ask HOW to become a Why-mail Helper, then you shouldn't become one. If the pool is always full, then that means there are thousands upon thousands of applicants already. That means they will only accept the best of the best. The higher the salary [you've got], the better. Make sure you go into the test well-prepared, and answer all your questions in a very formal and informative manner.
FireBeam: Read my past article on how to become a Y-mail Helper, I put some good advice in there. ;)
Chilly321: Just keep raising your salary, even when it's 75 clams or less. Remember, the higher your salary the more experience you'll have and the more help you'll be to newbies. Oh and I don't know when we'll be accepting new helpers.
Kirbie393: Be prepared for a lot of pointless messages and a few headaches. If you're always busy and don't get much time on the computer, this may not be for you.

Girlie191: Is there anything else you'd like to put out in the open about Y-helping?

Deriko: Just remember, you must be patient. If there's anything that you need for this job, it's patience. If you've gotten mad at someone, and been taped for it, even in the last YEAR, then I'm not too sure if you are ready for this position.
FireBeam: The way of the Y-mail Helper isn't easy, and it requires lots and LOTS of patience, so think twice before you become one!
Chilly321: Yeah, please don't ask me for clams and send me hate mail. It's really not nice when I've done nothing to you. And this job comes with lots of stress and pressure. It's not all glamour, ya know. ;) Thanks for listening to what I had to say. Pleasure doing this interview for ya!
Kirbie393: We're volunteers. I'm sorry if a Y-mail Helper didn't answer your question, but we're only human. Try to be patient with us. =)

Well I'm exhausted! I hope you learned something from these noble Whyvillians! I know I did!

Goodbye and stay classy!


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