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Love Among the Walnuts

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I know you all have probably just gotten thrown back into school, and don't want to do much in the way of academics, but I recently read a book that was very good, and I recommend that you read it as well. The book is called Love Among the Walnuts, and it was written by Jean Ferris.

This story is partly about a cake, but also about a pinch of poison. You see, Alexander Huntington-Akerman discovers that his sleepy town isn't really as sleepy as he first thought when his money-hungry uncles, Bart and Bernie, try to bamboozle the family fortune by delivering a poisoned birthday cake to Alexander and his family. After all, you never know what will happen when you live in a large estate in the middle of the country, your initials are AHA and you live next door to a loony bin.

Instead of bumping off the family and leaving the family fortune to themselves, they put Alexander's mom, dad, their friend Flossie, and their pet chicken, Attila, into mysterious comas. Without any proof of his uncles' dastardly deeds, Alexander teams up with the family's butler and a wise but wacky nurse to help save his parents and put his uncles in irons.

Oh, and there's that strangeness of the high-class loony cases living at Walnut Manor, where even the staff tends to seem a bit frazzled. You are sure to love this story, partly about love and how friendship can come in the most unlikely of places.

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