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Whyville Times readers!

Welcome to the Whyville Times Double Issue Crossword Puzzle! To solve the puzzle, you'll need to read the Times -- you'll find most of the answers buried in the articles written by your fellow citizens. The more you read, the easier the puzzle will be!

Once you've filled in every Up and every Down, the "Submit" button should highlight on your screen. Hit submit and you're home free!

The first ten people to solve and submit the crossword will receive at least 100 clams. Everyone else who correctly answers the puzzle will get a 20-40 clam bonus!

Looks like this is more complicated to program than we thought, giving clams to crossworders based on how many answers they get right. Keep reading here for more on this, but it probably won't happen before the winter, if at all.

Okay, enough talk... time to crossword!

#whytimes_xword( 227 24 19 "24|19|12|*******.**.*******************......*****************.*.**.******************.*.**.******************.*.**.*************...........***********************.**********************......*******************.*.*********************.*.****************............*******************.***********************.**********************.............************.*.*********************.*.********************....*********************.*.*********************.***********|a3|3 (U)Love Among the Walnuts(/U) author|a5|5 Book that madz refers to|a6|6 A big spike hairstyle|a8|8 Burt Ratan's 'vehicle'|a9|9 'Toxic' video singer|a11|11 Animals trying to eat Nspotlite in a 'crazy dream'|d1|1 Yucca Mountain is in this state|d2|2 Go here to find people's salaries|d4|4 Number of Y-mail helpers Girlie191 interviewed|d7|7 Poetry technique where the first letter of every word (or at least most) is the same consonant|d10|10 Gillan is 'funky with a vintage _____'" )


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