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Greetings Whyvillians, and welcome to the Times' September Double Issue! What's new?

Our top news story is the announcement of the next Senate Race. Senate hopefuls may post their platforms in the City Hall Poll Booth using the platforms tool at any time now. Make sure you don't put it in the petitions, though!

Voters, keep in mind that you can only vote for ONE platform, so choose wisely and read through every one you're considering. Your vote matters!

The Times needs to make a correction to an article written last week. In The Makers I Have Met, the author said: "The Mall is going to open a store for animated parts. But, only Whypass holders will have access to the store. The Animated Part Store should be open this month. And then there's plots: Only Whypass holders will have access." There was some confusion on this matter, but hopefully City Hall can clear it up:

    Direct from City Hall: Why-Pass holders *might* have priority access to things like plots and the animated parts store. We also do not have concrete plans to open the store or change things with the plots just yet. It could happen next month, or it could be later.

City Hall has also issued another warning about "buying" Why-Passes from people offering to sell them for clams. There is an extremely good chance that you're about to be scammed, so hold on to your clammage!

In happier news, as you may have read in the Welcome Page, the newly-elected Senator softbll12 received a further honor recently, being given the official Good Citizen Award! The previous winner of the award was deriko, a former Senate candidate and organizer of many a great citizen-run activity in Whyville. Softbll12 was nominated before her win in the Senate Race by one of our senators for her hard work and dedication to Whyville. "She is willing to help any citizen in need of assistance."

Want to know what the Award is all about? Read on...

Want to get published in the Times? Here's the latest and greatest way: We're holding two writing contests, since this issue is a double, covering the weeks of September 26 and October 3. The topics are:

  1. The Whyville Times needs a mascot! (or does it?) Describe your idea for our mascot and where it comes from, or why you think the Times doesn't need one.
  2. Send us your best video game reviews! What is the best game & the worst game out there today?
  3. Have you seen something that is uniquely Whyville that hasn't been reported in the Times? Write to us about parts of Whyville's own culture, entertainment and society that you haven't seen written about before!

For future reference, you folks might also like to know that City Workers are thinking about the Halloween Party right now, deciding when it should be scheduled and what activities to include. They may even poll the citizens later in October to see what the best day for the party would be.

On Friday, September 24, yet another Trivia Hour event was held, with a record seven winners! The top trivia wiz this week was jubyjubee, who won 400 clams, followed by qpoe, who took home 200 clams. Other winners included JasmineK, sox33, softbll12, summernut and lured.

And our fact of the day: New data from the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development show the U.S. ranks first worldwide in older adults who have completed high school, but the U.S. ranks only 10th in adults ages 25 to 34 who have passed high school. The U.S. ranks second to Canada in the number of adults who have completed a college education.

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