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Whyville Style

by Red13Gap
Fashion Writer

Hi. I'm Red13Gap, your Fashion Reporter. I've done "Styles of Whyville" and "Colors of Whyville. Now it's time for THE MANY HAIRS OF WHYVILLE. I interviewed Monday, Emmm123, and joshmk.

Monday thinks the best hair color in Whyville is blond, and she likes poofy hair, because it is what she is wearing!!!

Emmm123 likes blonde hair and she likes blonde or brown layered hair best.

And then, I interviewed a boy, joshmk. and all he every said was, "yellow spiked hair." That was it.

And me? I like red hair and pigtails. Plain and simple. Blond is ok, too, but remember, do not take my advice seriously. Go with what you want. Just because Monday, JESUSRULZ, Fleur, Googles, or any of the really "cool" kids in Whyvillle said "blond is hot, brown is not" or something like that, does not mean you have to wear it, ok? These articles are just for fun.




by Sari
Fashion Writer

Hello Whyville this is Sari writing to you once again! I'm doing an article on what Whyvillians think is "in" and "out" of style these days.

I interviewed jenlopez on this hot topic.

Me: What do you think is totally "in" fashion nowadays?
jenlopez: Dresses, cool shirts, and tight shirts.
Me: Whose clothing do you think is the best out of these three? Shelly1's peasant tops, lemonmule's stuff, or Riven's bandanas?
jenlopez: Lemonmule's stuff.
Me: Why do you think City Hall opened Grandma's?
jenlopez: Probably to be helpful to needy Whyvillians.
Me: Who do you think cares the MOST about their looks? Charity, Britmaria, or kiki13?
jenlopez: Britmaria!
Me: Yes, I agree! In your opinion, what do you think beauty is?
jenlopez: Something not just on the outside, the inside too!

Well, you've heard it from me and many other Whyvillians, these questions are quite true. Well, be talking to many of you peeps around!

This is Sari signing off!



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