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Whyville's Charlie's Angels

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Whyville's Charlie's Angels

by Vanilla
Times Writer

Yup, of course, I had to do it. I had just seen the new Charlie's Angels movie in the theatre that day, and that was all it took. I logged online, and made sky ads, Times ads, BBS posts, and a petition in the voting booth. I was looking for two other girls to be a part of the Whyville Charlie's Angels.

It didn't really take me long before I had about 30 girls total writing me begging to be a part of my new organization. It was truly madness. There were so many really sweet and deserving girls, but I was looking for the not-so-average girls. I was looking for unique, sweet, deserving, and all-around-good girls. So, I found them. It took some narrowing down, but I found my girls.

The original Charlie's Angels was a television show featuring three actresses, Farrah Fawcet, Jaclyn Smith, and Kate Jackson. They were three crime-stopping girls in an undercover detective agency that kicked butt, basically. I have always loved watching the re-runs of those episodes, and so that also inspired me. The new movie that just came out also lets kids now have a chance to know what the Charlie's Angels are really about.

So, I found them. My two companions in crime-stopping, my two best friends, my two sisters, my two ultimate butt-kicking divas. We are the one and only, very first, official, Whyville's Charlie's Angels.

Like always, I have to do an interview, hehe, so here it is. It basically questions on what we think of the Whyville Charlie's Angels, or as we call it, the WCA.


Q: How does it feel to be a Whyville Charlie's Angel?
Vanilla: I think it's really great. We are just three really good friends trying to make Whyville a better place.
alikat: Wow, it's pretty cool! I think it's a great thing; a great way to help people out and make new friends. It's really exciting!
Ivvy: Well, I am very excited and proud to be doing something for Whyville and the residents because they do so much for me.

Q: What do you like the most about being part of the WCA?
Vanilla: I like how we can help people, and making a big deal out of our organization, it's kind of fun! It sounds corny, but I feel like a celebrity on Whyville.
alikat: Definitely talking to the other Angels about all sorts of things; it's so cool!
Ivvy: I really like how we can all work together and just be a small little family to each other!

Q: What do you think of the other members in the WCA?
Vanilla: I really, really love my fellow Angels. We get along great, and we all have the same purpose. I love how we can just talk to each other whenever we need to and be there for each other.
alikat: They're so nice! I didn't even know such cool and sweet people existed!
Ivvy: I love them a lot. They are really nice and we seem to click. It's like we are sisters through the computer, lol! We each have different personalities, but we fit together to make the WCA work.

Q: What do you wish to accomplish as the WCA?
Vanilla: I strongly believe that we can accomplish our goal to make Whyville a better place. I want all Whyvillians to feel comfortable to come to us and ask to help with their problems, especially newbies.
alikat: I kinda just want to help out other people and save the world, lol, you know, do what the real Angels did.
Ivvy: Personally, I want to help Whyville in any way possible; if it is starting a Whyville Newbie Fund or helping Whyvillians with problems.

Q: Any other comments about the WCA?
Vanilla: I just want everyone to know that we didn't do this for attention or popularity, but to help YOU, the Whyville Community, become a better place! Luv 2 All!
alikat: I just really love working with these two!
Ivvy: I want everyone to know that Whyville's Charlie's Angels will be here for a while, so be prepared!

And finally, we have a receptionist, Charleen, at our new WCA House on Marlowe & Kepler in the Old Neighborhood. If you need help with ANYTHING, please Y-Mail her. You can set an appointment with any specific Angel you may want, or with no one in particular. She is basically our Secretary at the WCA House. Again, feel free to write her to schedule an appointment!

There ya have it, the WCA, a new organization to help make Whyville a Better Place. I hope you enjoyed our inside scoop on the WCA so you know what it's all about, and so you can get to know the members.

Your Devoted Reporter and WCA Member #1,




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