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In It for the Food

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In It for the Food
Astro25 talks turkey.

   by Astro25
  Guest Writer

Hey, I'm here because most people take Thanksgiving as only a celebration to get out of school and to get really good food. I myself am in it for the food. Lol!!!

Well, Thanksgiving is actually about getting together with family and friends. It's also about celebrating the Pilgrims surviving in America with the help of the American Indians. This was most important.

Turkey is always the number one food on the dinner table on Thanksgiving, although I know some people who eat Chinese food or other foods.

Well, I interviewed a few people about Thanksgiving. You'll find what most people thought.

Me: How do you feel about Thanksgiving?
Wildkat: I think it's great, because that's when my family comes together and sits down with food!!!
Me: Do you eat turkey?
Wildkat: Of course, what's Thanksgiving without turkey?
Me: (pauses) Most families are too poor for turkeys. What do you think about this?
Wildkat: I think it's terrible and I think we should buy turkeys from the store and give them to the poor.
Me: Thank you.
Wildkat: No prob, oh yea, I'm single (just kidding!).

Me: How do you feel about Thanksgiving?
Fleur: I can't wait for my mommy's best food!
Me: How do you think about the Pilgrims betraying the Indians after a few years?!
Fleur: I think it's sad.
Me: I'm not really sure if that's what happened, LOL!!
Fleur: LOL.
Me: Thank you, my little niece!
Fleur: When will I be in the paper?
Me: Um... no comment.
Fleur: LOL!!

Me: How do you feel about Thanksgiving?
Astro26: MMMMM
Me: Are you an Astro25 wannabe?
Astro26: No, you're an Astro26 wannabe.
Me: But I was created first!
Astro26: But I'm much sexier!
Me: You dawg, so what do you feel about Thanksgiving?
Astro26: I think that Thanksgiving is the time for food!
Me: Don't you feel sad for the people who can't afford a turkey?
Astro26: Three words, GET A JOB!!!
Me: *punches 26*
Astro26: *punches 25 where it hurts*
Me: Grrrr...
Astro26: *burps into 25's face*
Me: *hacks into 26 and rearranges his face*
Astro26: You know, I just noticed something, we're the same people.
Me: No comment.




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