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Hiphop26's Senate Platform

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This platform was emailed to the Times. See the original one below it.

Hello my fellow whyvillians! I have the option of making a new platform, and of course I jumped at the chance. I thought of so many new ideas through the two weeks I was campaigning. I came across so many new friends, so many supporters, and then those who thought I couldn't do it. Well here I am standing in the top three. This has been one of my greatest Whyville experiences yet. The greatest of all were if I were to win, and have the priviledge to speak for all citizens. I could sit here all night thank the academy (ha,ha), thank everyone who helped, thank those who voted, and thank those who supported me. I know you want me to get on with it, so here is my improved platform. :)

If I get elected Whyville senator number six I will try my best to get things done. When I say get things done, I mean get things done right. I will listen to my fellow Whyvillians and try and put their ideas into action. I know, I know, you have all heard this a million times, but hey, we all want the same things for Whyville because we all want Whyville to be an ever better place than it already is. We just need one person to make that change, and I think that person could be me. Here are a few of the differences I would like to make in Whyville. In alphebetical order. ;)

-Ad Agency-
The rumor was that City Hall "crashed" the pilot since it took up so much server space. We should really decide if we just want to delete it all together, or not. I say we should delete it because people would get mad at each other and then post an ad saying "Y-mail so and so (enemy name) if you want 500 clams!!" Then the "enemy" person would be swamped with y-mails. We should still vote all together though, unless of course City Hall has already decided what they want to do with it.

-Ability to Delete Parts-
A lot of citizens have asked me to ask CityHall if they could be allowed to delete their GeoDig hat and their Trophies. I know that I don't want my GeoDig hat and it takes up space in my items. I think having the option of deleting it, is a good idea. I think we should also be allowed to sell or delete our trophies. Maybe we should even get rid of the trophies all together. Perhaps we will get space for the servers out of doing that.

-Club Why-
A lot of people posted in their platform about lowering the price, and I definitely disagree. Besides, if we did City Hall would have to reimburse everyone who already paid the fee. In my opinion, the price should only go up if something else was added to the membership.

-Clam Shower-
I think we should have another clam shower, you can score some extra clams while having fun. The majority of Whyville would really enjoy it and I'll bet almost everyone would participate.

-Copyrighting Law-
Well this one is for all you designers out there. I know how it feels to be scanning the new arrivals and there it is, your face part that you designed, REMADE!! Think about it, is that really fair? Why should someone else be making clams off your design when all they had to do was copy it? I have talked to Akbar before about this idea and he said it could possibly be a perk of a Whypass. Maybe, you would have to get permission from the original creator and even pay a small fee?

-Shorter Disco Parties-
If we made the time slots shorter, and changed it to only a half hour, more people would be able to book a party. According to the recent Welcome Page poll all of you love the disco, so why not shorten the time and be able to have double the fun and parties?

-More Contests in the Whyville Times-
If we had more contests in the Whyville Times it may encourage more people to read it. A good contest would be a poetry contest. Or even, What can the citizens of Whyville think up for a good contest in the Whyville Times? Maybe that could be a contest in itself? I also think the poll where you vote for which articles you want more of should be in the actual Whyville Times itself. I have seen so many people who actually read the Whyville Times complaining about the "way to many fashion articles." After all, this is an educational site and should have more articles containing science, history and creative writing.

-New Games or a Disease-
I think, if Whyville has enough server space that is, we could get another game, to increase our salaries. That, or bring back the Whypox and make it so where you can earn some extra clams. A nice case of the sniffles and being able to raise your salary, I'm sure everyone would go for it ;).

A lot of you oldbies probably remember the old proms and how much fun they were. I think, since a prom encourages online and virtual dating, maybe would could have some sort of "party" for all of Whyville. A social gathering, a meeting and making new friends type of thing. It could even have a special theme and we could vote on it (ie. Hawaiian).

I think we should have a poll. Keep them or rid of them? If we did get rid of them we could also eliminate Pepe's Bricks, paint, and furniture. We could even get rid of the Land Office. Now that would free up a lot of server space. Maybe we could make something better with all that freed room. A lot of people have asked me for my opinion, so here it is: I think we should get rid of the plots, its not fair to everyone who doesn't have one and not EVERYONE will ever get to have one.

-Room Decorating Contest-
It was brought up in the Club Why during meet the makers. I think this is an excellent idea, and I would like to pursue it to get into action. Where people can design a chat room and send it into Whyville, just like for contest where you would take pictures of your pets.

-Whypass Perk's-
I know some of you have disagreed with the whypass perks, but as far as I see this is one of the main proritys of Whyville right now. If there is more things added to Whypass's it will defiantly encourage more people to buy Whypasses! I cannot say I want to add this and that until there is a way we could make more money for the servers. Adding onto Whypass's will bring in more money to pay for more things in Whyville.

Thanks for listening to me and my ideas. Vote for me for a good change, I promise I wont let you down. And that's one thing I can promise.


P.S. Since, Hotboi and Coconut posted why they think they can fill the shoes of the job, I will too ;). I attend Trivia Hour, and try to make as many Media Wiz's as I can. I cant make them all though, since I have softball on Saturday, but I do try my best. I am also a member of Club Why and attend Meet the Makers day held on the first Tuesday of the month AND I ask my share of questions ;). I have been a member since July 27th, 2003 and make a salary of 96 clams. I have participated in the GeoDig, Treasure Hunt, and the Solstice Safari that just passed, where I was my team's leader.

Hello my fellow Whyvillians! It is time for a new senator election, and I feel I can fit the shoes just perfect for the job. Whyville is like a second home to me and I would love to have some say on what goes on. Here are some of my ideas! Copyrighting Law: Ok this one is for all you designers out there. I definetly think we should be allowed to copyright a part we make, because we all know how it feels to look through the new arrivals and see your part remade. Maybe you would to pay to remake a part and get permission from the orginal maker. Maybe this could be a perk of a whypass? Plots: After careful thinking I decided I think this should be a perk of a whypass. All whypass holders would be allowed to have a plot. Club Why: I think we should keep the same price, no lowering it, since it wouldnt be fair to those who had already paid. Maybe we could even raise the price to make it more special? Mall: I will try to make this my first priority along with the "copyrighting law". I hope to get it up and running and word is all whypass holders will be allowed to buy special parts that blink and light up. Chatrooms: Divasis suggested more chatrooms, but I am not in favor of more. We already have plenty and there is no use taking up more server space, when we could make something else, like working on the mall. I will try and get these ideas into action as well as taking ideas from citizens. I am grateful for every vote I get, because winning a senator election has always been a dream for me. A vote towards me is a vote for a good change in Whyville. Lets work to make things better instead of worse. Lets start thinking about the future instead of always looking into the past =D Sincerly Hiphop26

Editor's Note: Post your questions for Hiphop26 in the BBS below. She may answer them, and/or City Workers may use your questions for the Whyville Senator Debate, to be hosted in two weeks by City Hall in the Greek Theater.


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