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Akbar's Factory Rules, Part 3

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My Face Factory can be awfully tough to get into, but do you know what's worse than the wait? Getting a Y-mail telling you that the part you just slaved over for an hour or three has been rejected! Avoid the heartbreak and read my series of articles about what my Y-mail rejections are -- and therefore, what you can do to avoid getting them.

This week's topic is Inappropriate Items.

It's very important to remember that when you design a face part and then click submit, you're asking a real-life adult if they would please look at your work and accept it for use by everyone in Whyville. If you drew something you just know has no business in Whyville -- because this is a website for kids of all ages! -- it's probably a good idea to not submit it.

Now, we understand that up until this article, a lot of folks just didn't know what was and wasn'tappropriate in Whyville's Face Factory. I hope this helps you figure out what we're aiming for here in Whyville: a town that anyone can visit to share their curiosity and creativity, while respecting the youth of the majority of our citizens.

Rule number one: No nudity. Duh! I don't think I need to explain this, do I? Besides, the weather's turning, and you wouldn't want to catch a cold or worse yet a case of the Why-Pox, would you? In the same vein that nudity is inappropriate for Whyville, so are "pimp" and "69" items.

Rule number two: No smoking, alcohol, or drugs. Clean and healthy living is the Whyville way. Hey, if almost none of our citizens can smoke legally in the real world, why should we encourage it here? This means no cigarettes, cigars, pipes or anything that can be used to look like one. Sadly, that means that barrettes are very limited -- I rarely let white or brown ones through for this reason. The same goes for alcohol and drugs, of course. So, no beer mugs, martini glasses, or objects that are drug references, which, believe it or not, include pacifiers. If you don't understand these rules or have questions, this is a good chance to have an interesting conversation with your parents!

Rule number three: It pains me so to see to see violence! My mom taught me, and City Hall agrees, that we should not bring violence into our lives or think of ourselves as violent people. So, please, no weapons, blood or war stuff in Whyville. That includes fantasy items like light sabers -- I used to okay them, because hey I think Star Wars is cool, but that was unfair to folks who wanted paintball guns and that sort of thing. The war stuff includes army helmets, bandoleers, camouflage clothing and so on.

That wasn't too bad was it? Just three main rules to remember.

As always, never forget to click the "Submit" button after drawing your face part. If you forget to, you'll get a note from me stating that your face parts were not received by my workshop.

And finally, please remember the very first rule listed in the Face Factory: No refunds for workshoptime! If you don't complete your part or Akbar doesn't approve your part design, I regret that I cannot refund the clams you spent. It's like renting tables and chairs for your big birthday party. Even if your party turns out to be a flop, you still have to pay.

I hope this has been helpful!


Want to learn more? Go read Part 2 and Part 1.


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